How to Choose to Buy Smart Cosmetics

What Creates The Price Difference Of Cosmetics. The Secret to Choosing the Smartest Cosmetics

How to Choose to Buy Smart Cosmetics

The secret to choosing smart cosmetics? Have you ever wondered whether to buy affordable cosmetics or invest in high-end lines? If using expensive cosmetics can significantly improve the skin, then surely every woman will "press her belly" to invest. However, skin care is a process and requires many stages. If you don't know how to choose "really good" products for your skin, no matter how much you invest, it's useless. 

Therefore, to help you both take care of your skin effectively and save money, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share about the difference between expensive and cheap cosmetics, and how to choose the smartest way to buy cosmetics.

What causes the price difference of cosmetics?

With the diverse development of the cosmetic manufacturing industry today, expensive cosmetic lines are not always the most ideal choice. Because besides ingredients and product quality, there are many factors that make their prices go up to "heavenly" levels.  Join Miss Tram to list the reasons why high-end cosmetic lines are so expensive:

1. Marketing costs, product packaging

the difference between expensive and cheap cosmetics
Why cosmetics have a big difference in price?

Normally, the cost of raw materials of cosmetic lines will only account for a small part of the cost, the rest is the cost of production technology, product packaging and marketing campaigns, etc. Therefore, skin care products High-end products always have a much more "luxurious" packaging than popular skincare lines. Besides, marketing is also an important factor contributing to the "price rise" of products.

2. Rare ingredients

Some cosmetic lines are expensive because their ingredients contain certain rare ingredients (such as gold, bird's nest, thyme, velvet snow, ...). However, you should not rush to buy right away because not every rare ingredient is suitable for your skin condition and needs.

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3. The ratio of ingredients that are good for the skin

compare expensive cosmetics and cheap cosmetics
Expensive cosmetics with good ingredients for the skin

While many of you will find low-end products have the same active ingredients as high-end products, in terms of proportions, expensive products will often have a higher concentration of skin-friendly ingredients. In particular, these ingredients are mostly safe for all skin types, do not contain artificial fragrances, so they will limit causing irritation.

Debra Jaliman, a well-known dermatologist in New York City, said:Make sure good ingredients like: hyaluronic acid, ceramide, retinol, niacinamide, or glycerin are at the top of the list.“. These products will meet your skin care needs, no matter how expensive or cheap.

4. Production technology

Not equating all, but the same raw materials, the same ratio, the production techniques and technology of famous brands (with expensive cosmetic lines) will often be more modern than popular brands. Therefore, with two product lines with identical ingredients, the penetration and effectiveness of expensive cosmetic lines will be much higher than that of popular ones.

So, are Drugstore cosmetics of poor quality?

The popular cosmetic line - drugstore is the line of skin care products with mid-range prices, widely sold in cosmetic stores, drugstores, convenience stores, etc. With affordable prices, these products are suitable for all subjects from low-income students to high-income people. 

Despite being cheap, these cosmetic lines are all manufactured from reputable brands with strict production processes and meet safety standards for users. Therefore, they are absolutely not of poor quality (Note, floating cream or cosmetic lines not called is a popular cosmetic line.)

In particular, for girls who understand skin care and know how to choose the right cosmetics, popular brands are also an ideal choice.

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Is it necessary to invest in High-end cosmetics?

High-end cosmetics are expensive cosmetic lines with eye-catching packaging and designs aimed at high-income customers. Most of the high-end lines are guaranteed in terms of ingredients, quality, safety and effectiveness for users.

However, some products also make customers evaluate that they do not bring benefits commensurate with the price and the "promises" that manufacturers have made. Therefore, buyers need to learn carefully to make the most suitable choice for their skin.

Which cosmetic lines should I invest in?

choose to buy smart cosmetics
High-end cosmetics and Drugstore cosmetics

To help you have the smartest and most economical investment, Miss Tram would like to note the following points:

  • Make sure the line of skin care cosmetics is suitable for your skin type and skin condition, regardless of high-end or budget lines.
  • Cleansing and moisturizing lines do not need to be too invested in high-end products. Because popular brands are enough to meet your needs.
  • With serums, you need to invest in quality brands to ensure that your skin problems are solved.
  • Sunscreen lines are often expensive. But for effective sun protection, without causing greasiness, it is difficult to expect in cheap lines.
  • For makeup lines, you should invest in foundation (foundation, concealer, powder, primer, …). Because when there is an imperfect foundation, no matter how perfect the lipstick or eyeliner is, it can't be saved.
  • Lipstick also does not need to invest in too expensive brands. Because as long as your lips are not dry, any lipstick can be suitable.

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The use of high-end cosmetics will of course ensure a more perfect skin than using popular lines. However, not everyone has a generous budget to use. The smartest way to use cosmetics is to only invest in “should” products. 

Hope the above sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always choose the best skin care products!

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