Share the Secret of Choosing the Right Lip Spray Color #1 For You

The Secret To Choosing The Best Lip Spray Color For You

Spray lips It is a beauty method chosen by many women. Because this method not only brings natural fresh lips, but also overcomes the defects on the lips; help women be more confident, shine brighter and not depend on lipstick again. With today's modern beauty technology, there are more and more ink colors for women to choose from. So, which lip spray color should be chosen to best suit the face? Let's find out through the following article of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Why is it important to choose a beautiful lip spray color that matches your skin tone?

The selection choose lip color very important and affects the success and aesthetics of the lip injection process. By suitable lip color will enhance the beauty of the lips, the harmony on the face and express the personality of the "client". And if you want to achieve the above wishes, you should not miss it The secret to choosing the right lip spray color được Miss Tram VietNam Share it below.

The secret to choosing the most suitable lip spray color for you
Beautiful lip color

A beautiful lip color and suitable will make the skin bright, giving women more confidence and radiance anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the lip color after spraying will accompany you for a long time, so you need to choose carefully What ink color is suitable? Best – avoid the case of spraying lips and still using lipstick.

How to choose lip color according to the trend

With lip tattooing technology and techniques Modern day, there are many lip ink colors for customers to choose from. However, in this article, Miss Tram would like to introduce three mainstream lip color trend Best:

Traditional lip colors

Here are lip color chosen by the majority of women because of its popularity and suitable for many skin types and ages.

Which traditional lip spray color is right for you?
Traditional lip color
  • Bright red: This is the most suitable lip color for white, pink and white skin. The maximum age for choosing this lip color is 18 - 27 years old because this color is quite youthful, sweet, helps to increase freshness, radiance and "cheat" compared to real age.
  • Dark red: Deep red color will be most suitable for white, pinkish white skin or dark skin but still has a certain brightness. Lip spray color This color is also more suitable for women from 30-45 years old because this color creates a mature, seductive look that still makes the face look younger than the actual age.
  • Lotus color: this is a spray color quite picky skin, only white and pink skin should test this ink color. However, for those who are suitable for this lip color, it will help highlight the youthful, sweet and gentle face of that face. This spray color will be most suitable for girls from about 18-25 years old.

Note: With the tones you choose that match the above skin tone, you don't have to spray it once but the color is beautiful, but lip miles Follow the right route. To learn more about this issue, you should refer to the full article How long does it take to spray lips to get a beautiful standard color?.

Modern lip colors

These lip spray colors will more clearly show the style, personality as well as charisma on the face.

The secret to choosing a modern lip spray color
Modern lip color
  • Nude color: Nude color is gentle but has the ability to enhance the attractiveness of women lips, bringing a modern, stylish and trendy style to women. This lip spray color is especially suitable for honey cake skin, especially girls from about 18 to 28 years old. If you know how to apply makeup, this is one of the most trendy and stylish lip colors.
  • Reddish brown: Red-brown color is most suitable for girls from about 25-35 years old. Lip color This helps to enhance the charm, mystery and a bit of power for women. In particular, for women with white, pink or dark skin who want to create a mysterious and powerful style, they should lip spray color selection this for yourself.
  • Neon orange: Neon orange is a fresh and modern lip spray color, suitable for girls from 18 to 25 who want to show the personality and dynamism of youth. If your skin is not too dark, you can try this lipstick color.
  • Orange pink: Orange pink lip spray very gentle, sincere and feminine, suitable for girls from about 18 to 28 years old. This spray color is also very easy to combine with other lipstick colors if you have a need to use more lipstick to refresh yourself on special occasions. For those of you who have white, pink and even dark skin, you can use this spray color to express your personality.

Western-style lip colors

Đthese are the lip color natural, healthy.

how to choose western style lip spray color
Western style lip color
  • Coral orange: Coral orange is very suitable for white or dark skin, this lip color will enhance the freshness and attractiveness on the face. However, spray color This is quite prominent and only suitable for girls from 18-25 years old.
  • Baby pink: Spray color This is very prominent, brightens the skin, enhances the tenderness and sweetness of the face. Especially suitable for most skin tones. However, spray color This is also only suitable for girls from 18-25 years old because it is too young and dynamic.
  • Ruby red: Ruby red lip spray Very suitable for women from 25 years old. This lip color helps bring out the beauty of maturity and maturity on the face. In addition, for girls with fair skin, ruby ​​red will bring a more attractive beauty, with a lot more depth than other spray colors.

Lip spray technologies are chosen by many women

When deciding to spray lip tattoo, in addition to lip color, you need to choose for yourself the appropriate lip spray methods and technology. Currently, at Miss Tram, there are lip spray services with the most typical techniques:

  • Spray Crystal Lips: Helps lips to have a natural color, keep the color quite stable and overcome the defects on the lips effectively.
  • Lip Spray Crystal Collagen – Spray Lips Stem Cells: is a combination of crystal lip spray technology and natural collagen essence, helps you own smoother, softer lips.
  • Spray the Queen's lips: use ink color organic, standard lip color, smooth and luxurious, high color fastness and supported to change color as you like for 2 years.
  • Micro-lip sculpting: lip color up fast, smooth, beautiful and up to the selected color. Lips are smooth because the ink is spread evenly to each corner of the lips, bringing the most perfect beauty to the lips.

For more information about the method, natural lip spray most modern, call Miss Tram's hotline for a free consultation! Or you can also refer to the article The secret to effective lip care with saffron Definitely useful for you need.

Which lip spray technology is the most chosen?
What is the most popular lip spray technology today?

Factors determining the success of lip spray

Once you have chosen the right lip color, you need to choose a reputable tattooing facility so that the process is safe and gives the best results. Because lip color is up to standard or not depends on the following factors:

Inkjet quality

Factors affecting the choice of lip spray color
Tattoo ink

Lip color up to standard color or not, even or patchy, durable or fast fading all depends largely on the quality of inkjet ink. Inkjet quality standards include: ink product quality, correct ink mixing ratio and appropriate alignment with lip conditions.

Technical person performing

The skill of the technician affects the color of the lip spray
Lip spray technician

Technical person performing lip spray also significantly affects the time and results on the color of the lips. If the technique is poor, the needle is uneven, the light or too strong is not creating the necessary ink adhesion to create the desired color.

Treat dark lips before spraying lips

In case your lips are dark, it is necessary to dark lips treatment properly before injecting ink. Otherwise, the result after lip spray will not be beautiful color, even the dark condition is worse.

Post-spray care mode

lip care after spray affects lip spray color
Lip care after spraying

Job lip care after spraying also has a small effect on lip color quality. Because after spraying lips, in the first few days, the lips will need time to peel off the outer layer of color, if you peel, touch or not. Pay attention to lip care the result will not be as expected. In addition to the above notes, you can read through the tutorial article Apply ointment after spraying lips will help you a lot.

When you can choose Reputable tattoo parlor, you will be completely guaranteed about the quality of the ink color, properly treated dark lips, highly skilled technicians and always thoughtfully advised. How to take care of lips after spraying how. Then, the ratio Spray lips successfully and get standard color màu will reach the highest level.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the secret to choosing the best lip color for you. You just need to choose your favorite lip color trend, then choose which lip color is most suitable for your age and skin tone. In particular, you need to choose for yourself reputable beauty facilities to get more advice on the appropriate lip spray method as well as ensure the most successful lip spray results. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you quickly have a desired lips!

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