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4 Simple Tips For Oily Skin In Summer

On summer days, the skin tends to produce excess oil to balance moisture and cool the skin. However, with the girls oily skin This makes the skin more prone to acne problems. So how to effectively regulate excess oil for oily skin? Let's find out through “4 Oily skin care tips in summer" of the Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

Effective Summer Oily Skin Care Secrets

1. Use toner

Toner useful balance the pH of the skin, this is a necessary care step that cannot be skipped. With oily skin, using a toner is even more important to help balance excess oil on the skin - this is a necessary condition if you want the next skin care steps to be effective.

Use toner to care for oily skin
Use toner to care for oily skin

In addition, specialized toner products for oily It also works to tighten pores, balance moisture and deep clean the skin. You should choose products with natural extracts and alcohol-free to be absolutely safe for this sensitive skin.

Note when using toner:

  • Wash your face thoroughly before using toner.
  • It is recommended to use a cotton pad to soak up the toner and gently apply it to the skin – this will control just how much toner is used on the skin.
  • Do not abuse toner in skin care, only use 2 times in the morning and at night.
  • Care should be taken to avoid damage to the skin.

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2. Massage the moisturizer thoroughly

Facial massage It has the effect of increasing blood circulation, helping to rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process later. For oily skin, you should perform massage along with the process of applying moisturizer. At this time, the massage movements help the skin warm up, the pores expand, the nutrients are absorbed faster and deeper. Since then, the skin will not be secreted if you accidentally apply a lot of cream.

Massage the moisturizer thoroughly
Massage the moisturizer thoroughly

You can apply this cream both day and night. One note, it is recommended to perform massage movements from bottom to top in a spiral so that the skin does not sag.

3. Use a chemical exfoliator

Exfoliate at home is an indispensable step in the process Skin Care and need to be maintained twice a week in any season of the year. This skin care step will remove dead cells, creating conditions for new cells to grow and help the skin always stretch. In addition, when the dead cells are removed regularly, the pores are more open, the absorption of nutrients also becomes easier and more effective.

Use chemical exfoliants
Use chemical exfoliants

Currently, there are two types of exfoliants on the market:

  • Chemical Exfoliation

Is a method of exfoliation using chemical substances in the form of Hydroxy Acid, the most common are 2 forms: AHA and BHA. This method works deep inside the pores, has a better exfoliating effect than the physical method. In addition, this method also works to remove sebum and effectively reduce acne. However, because they contain acids, chemical exfoliants will make the skin thinner and more sensitive, especially to the sun.

  • Physical Exfoliation

A method of removing dead cells with different tools, materials or products with the principle of acting on the surface of the skin, peeling off the outermost layer of dead skin. This method works on the surface of the skin, making the skin smooth from the first use. However, the effect is often inferior to chemical exfoliation because it does not deep clean stubborn dead cells.

Oily skin care in summer
Exfoliate dead skin cells safely

Depending on the use of each product, you should choose the appropriate exfoliating method. With oily skin, you should prioritize using chemical exfoliating products to clean the skin most effectively. In addition, based on the growth cycle of skin cells, dermatologists recommend that you only do this skin care step twice a week.

4. Add vitamin C to your skin care routine

Oily skin care in summer
Add vitamin C to your skin care routine

Everyone knows the importance of vitamin C In the work of beauty, this vitamin is considered a "panacea" to help whiten and pinker skin.

And the most effective way to supplement vitamin C for the skin is to use vitamin C serum in the skin care process. Serums are essences with extremely small molecules that penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin. Every morning, after cleansing and toner, apply a vitamin C serum, followed by moisturizers and finally sunscreen.

In addition to combining sunscreen to create a solid shield for the skin, vitamin C serum also has the effect of erasing dark spots, making skin bright pink and keeping skin healthy. From there, the skin will balance the amount of excess oil secreted more.

Vitamin C rich foods
Food sources rich in Vitamin C

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In addition, you need to have a healthy diet, add lots of vegetables and fruits to increase vitamin C from within the body.

In addition to the above care tips, one thing to pay attention to for girls with oily skin is to minimize hot, spicy, greasy and sugary foods - this is the reason why the skin has to "cry". . Hope this article will be useful to you, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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