10 Useful Skin Care Tips For Men When Practicing Sports Confidential

10 Useful Skin Care Tips For Men When Exercising

Sports is always one of the very good habits of male. Not only helps the body to be healthy and strong, but it is also a way to relieve stress that is favored by many men. However, a lot of guys just train instinctively and don't care much about the problem skincare before, during and after exercise. This can inadvertently put the skin at a lot of risk for dermatological diseases.

Therefore, to help men take better care of their skin when exercising, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Here are some helpful tips to share.

10 Steps To Take Care Of Men's Skin When Practicing Sports

1. Wash your face before and after exercise

Men need to wash their face before exercising to remove bacteria, dirt and sebum on the skin. Otherwise, these residues will mix with sweat and oil secreted during exercise and quickly clog pores. From there, acne problems also appear easily.

After practicing, men should also wash their face again with clean water to remove sebum, dirt and sweat on the skin during exercise. This not only makes the spirit more refreshed, but the skin is also much more open.

How to take care of your skin while exercising
Wash your face before and after exercise

2. Don't shave before training

According to dermatologists, shaving right before exercising will cause many risks of dermatitis. Because the shaving process can cause small wounds or irritate hair follicles. If you practice right after, the body's blood circulation increases rapidly and the amount of sweat secreted will irritate the skin that has just been shaved, causing discomfort, even infection.

The best time to shave is early in the morning, at this time the skin is most "relaxed", so the shaving process causes less damage.

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3. Apply sunscreen when exercising outdoors

Men apply sunscreen if exercising outdoors
Men should also wear sunscreen when exercising outdoors

Many men do not have the habit of using sunscreen. However, this skin care step is very protective for the skin, especially when operating directly outdoors.

Therefore, for outdoor sports such as running, cycling, badminton, tennis, etc., you should use sunscreen products for your skin. These products not only prevent darkening and aging on the skin but also lock in moisture very well.

4. Prepare a personal towel for the practice session

Towels at the gym can harbor a lot of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Or they may have residual detergent or fragrance residue. Therefore, to prevent the risk of dermatological diseases, it is best to prepare a separate personal towel for each training session.

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5. Always clean workout equipment

Usually, modern gyms often provide wipes to clean exercise equipment. However, if you do not have one, you should also prepare an extra towel to clean these devices/tools before use.

Because when passed through the hands of many people, exercise equipment will easily become an intermediary to spread bacteria, viruses or fungi to the body.

10 Useful Skin Care Tips For Men When Practicing Sports Confidential

6. Always wear shoes/sandals in the changing room or bathroom

Mold often appears a lot in humid environments such as changing rooms, bathrooms of gyms. If you go barefoot in these areas, your body is very easy to be penetrated by bacteria and fungi and cause dermatological diseases. Therefore, you should wear sandals or slippers to avoid direct contact with the floor - where pathogens are accumulated a lot for a long time.

7. Don't use hair styling products when working out

Styling products that help men look "cool" when exercising, but can be one of the risks that make their skin problematic. Because when active, the body heats up and sweats a lot, causing styling products to melt and follow the sweat to flow down the body. This clogs the pores and makes the skin on the face, neck, shoulders and back easy to form acne.

Therefore, it is best not to use hair styling products when you intend to exercise. Or you should choose products with a light texture such as mineral salt spray to limit the effect on the skin.

10 Useful Skin Care Tips For Men When Practicing Sports Confidential

8. Wipe off sweat before leaving the gym

After a workout, you need to wipe off your sweat before you leave the gym. Because if you let sweat dry on its own, the remaining moisture and sebum will make it easier for bacteria to penetrate and grow in the pores. It easily causes acne and folliculitis.

You should also wash your hands before leaving the gym – this is the part that comes in contact with the most bacteria, and is also the part that touches the eyes, nose and mouth the most, so it is easy to cause skin diseases.

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9. Always shower after coming home

After returning home, you should take a clean shower to remove sebum and sweat accumulated on the skin during exercise. This not only helps you prevent skin problems, but also eliminates body odor in an extremely effective way.

How to take care of men's skin when exercising
Shower after exercise

10. Do not reuse personal clothes and towels when exercising

A lot of men have a habit of reusing exercise equipment during the day because they think that "anyway, when exercising, there is a smell". But this thought inadvertently puts their skin at risk of a lot of dermatological problems.

Because after a workout, training clothes will absorb a large amount of sweat and sebum – this is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. If used again (even if only a few hours apart), the skin is also susceptible to bacteria attack.

Sports activities are always a way to enhance health and improve physique for men. In particular, if you know how to take care of your skin, the exercise process also makes your skin much healthier and younger. Hope the advice of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will help men have a healthy skin and minimize skin problems. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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