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Skin Care Secrets For Effective Office People

To have a beautiful healthy skin, in addition to using products Skin Care Quality skin care routine, a rigorous skin care routine and a healthy diet, you need to have skin care routines that are appropriate for the work environment.

In particular, for office workers, the negative effects of air conditioning, computer radiation and even high pressure from work will cause the skin to deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, please refer to the secret skin care for office people of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to always have a healthy, beautiful skin!

7 Steps Effective Skin Care For Office People

1. Always use moisturizer morning/night

The peculiarity of office work is to work regularly in air-conditioned rooms with a lack of humidity. As a result, the skin is very susceptible to dehydration and dryness if it is not adequately moisturized.

So no matter what the weather, you need to make sure your skin is well-moisturized morning and night. If the weather is too hot, you can use a cream with a lighter texture to ensure that the skin is not clogged. Besides, use more serum to ensure the skin is provided with more nutrients.

In particular, you should combine applying cream with facial massage - the massage process will both help increase blood circulation and help the skin absorb nutrients in the most effective way.

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Use moisturizing cream skin care secrets for effective office people
Use moisturizer every day

2. Use sunscreen regularly

Sunscreen not only protects the skin against UV rays but also prevents the negative effects of radiation from computer screens very effectively. Therefore, for office women who do not have the habit of applying sunscreen every day, please "correct the mistake" right now.

The effectiveness of sunscreen won't be noticeable for a short time, but after only a few years, you will be surprised by your youthful skin.

Use sunscreen properly
Use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays

Some notes Miss Tram needs you to grasp when using sunscreen:

  • Regularly apply additional sunscreen to the skinNo matter how "genuine", the effect of sunscreen is up to 4 hours, you need to apply sunscreen at least twice a day to ensure optimal skin protection.
  • Choose the right sunscreen for your skin: depending on the weather and skin type, choose the right product to avoid backfire. ( Refer The secret to choosing the right sunscreen)
  • Use the right dose: compared to other skin care products, the dose of sunscreen will be more (about 1 coin for facial skin). But don't be afraid that the skin will be clogged, just apply thin layers and the cream will gradually penetrate into the skin.

3. Make friends with mineral spray

According to statistics, mineral spray is considered an "unbreakable object" of office sisters because of many useful uses such as: providing moisture, refreshing the skin, stabilizing makeup and extremely relaxing. effective.

Note when taking care of the skin for office workers
Mineral spray helps to hydrate and refresh the skin

However, for those of you who are new to mineral sprays, please note the following two main points:

  • Do not use too many times a day: Mineral spray has moisturizing effects, but overuse will make the skin lose its natural moisturizing ability and depend on the product. It is best to use less than 5 times a day and only when you feel the need.
  • Wipe dry after 1 minute: The amount of mineral water when not fully absorbed will be evaporated in the air. If you do not dry your face, the moisture of the skin is easily evaporated.

4. Drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables

When sitting all day in an air-conditioned room, not only your skin but also your body loses water very quickly. Therefore, regular water replenishment is very important - helping the skin and lips stay hidden from the inside, preventing dry and chapped skin.

In particular, for the skin to be fully nourished, add a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. The source of vitamins and minerals in this food group will help keep the skin healthy, smooth and prevent the signs of aging on the skin very effectively.

5. Have time to rest

Skin care for office workers
Arrange a reasonable time for eating and resting

The most negative effects of the office environment on the skin are air conditioning and electronic devices. If your job is to use a computer continuously, not only your skin is prone to many problems, but the health of your eyes and spine is also greatly affected. Therefore, do not sit in front of the computer too continuously, but let your body and skin rest at least once an hour.

6. Keep your distance from the computer

As Miss Tram shared, radiation from electronic devices has a very negative effect on the skin. However, if you use sunscreen regularly and have a scientific sitting posture, you will minimize those negative effects.

According to research, the radiation of the computer is strongest at the back, followed by the sides of the machine, and the weakest is in front of the screen. Therefore, avoid sitting opposite too close to other colleagues.

You also need to always sit with your back straight, not too close to the computer to minimize the effects of radiation. In particular, put small pots of plants on the desk – they will absorb some of the radiation from the computer and regulate your workspace effectively.

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7. Regularly detox skin

The lack of moisture in the working environment, along with the pressures at work and negative impacts from the outside environment will make your skin prone to many problems. Therefore, in addition to thorough skin care from the inside out, you need to regularly use detoxification measures to help your skin regenerate in the best way.

skin detox for office people
Go to the spa to detox your skin periodically

Some suggestions for effective skin detoxification at home:

  • Use detox mask recipes from mineral mud, bamboo charcoal, sea salt, etc.
  • Sauna detox skin every week with essential oils, herbs.
  • Use detox drink recipes from fresh fruits.

In addition, you can use professional detoxification services at Miss Tram. Come to Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center, each skin condition is examined, skin examined and advised on appropriate skin care procedures

Some of the most favorite skin care and detoxification procedures by customers you can refer to:

  • Skin detox treatment with CO2 mask.
  • Skin detox with biological light.
  • Mercury lead suction treatment - purifying and clear skin
  • The process of implanting Nano Diamond thread.
  • Salmon DNA Electrophoresis Process.
  • Skin whitening, pore tightening with Spirulina.

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Compared to jobs that are in constant contact with the outside environment, office work will be lighter. However, there are still a lot of negative factors that make the skin prone to deterioration such as air conditioning, work pressure, computer radiation, etc. Therefore, in addition to basic daily skin care steps , you should always pay attention to replenish the skin's moisture and have the healthiest work habits.

Hope this article will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have beautiful healthy skin!

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