Revealing the Recovery Secret for Melasma Skin Possibilities

Revealing the Secret to Restoring Melasma Skin

Do you know the secret to recovery for melasma skin? To restore the skin that is melasma, you need to be very patient and careful in every step of care. Because at this time, the skin is no longer as healthy as before, easily hyperpigmentation causes the melasma area to spread and lead to many other signs of aging.

The Most Effective Secret To Restoring Melasma Skin

Melasma skin: need the right care regime

The cause of skin pigmentation
Melasma skin: causes & remedies

We have many causes melasma, include Hormonal disorder (common in women after giving birth), environmental influences (sunlight, dust, pollution, ...), the impact of poor quality cosmetics, etc. These factors lead to excessive melanin production. , then melanin is absorbed by keratinocytes (melanocytes distributed in the epidermis or dermis) to form melanophages - dark patches on the skin.

Melasma is one of the problems that seriously affects a person's aesthetics. Melasma areas (melasma, melasma) both make girls lose their youthful and radiant look and can silently promote the skin aging process to come faster. Therefore, we must pay attention to skin care carefully to prevent skin pigmentation as well as restore damaged skin effectively.

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If unfortunately your skin has ugly patches of melasma, you should follow these tips well:

First: Have a scientific diet

Providing nutrients, the action from the inside can help the skin to be supplemented with the necessary ingredients for regeneration, Inhibits melanin production. Pay attention to eat a variety of green vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, ... and minerals magnesium, zinc, ... so that the skin structure is nourished and healthy, promoting production collagen for the skin to maintain firmness and elasticity.

Revealing the Recovery Secret for Melasma Skin Possibilities

The nutritional content that comes from the foods that we add every day also has a useful effect, which is to increase skin protective film, against UV rays present in sunlight. Because of this importance, you should pay a lot of attention to your diet.

Monday: Skin care every day

We have to remove makeup, clean skin Every day to open pores, metabolic activities on the skin take place stably. Choose a cleanser with a mild pH (about 5 to 5,5), after each face wash, use a soft cotton towel to dry the water, not rub it vigorously.

Restoration for dull skin

If you have melasma, you must pay more attention to exfoliating the skin. Removing the old layer of cells on the one hand helps open pores, on the other hand helps nutrients (from creams, masks, pharmaceutical treatments) to be completely absorbed, increasing the skin's recovery efficiency.

People with melasma should not use products with peeling properties, special creams of unknown origin are very easy to make the skin thin, the melasma patches spread and the color is much darker.

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Tuesday: Don't forget sunscreen

How to take care of melasma skin at home

Sunscreen is a topical product, containing ingredients that block UV, UVB or UVA rays, partly protecting the skin from the negative effects of these factors. When choosing sunscreen, you should prioritize products with SPF 50+ / PA +++, alcohol-free creams are better for the skin condition you are experiencing. And whether the day is sunny or rainy, remember to apply sunscreen when going out.

Treatment of melasma with modern technology

Melasma, if using traditional methods such as using natural masks, special creams, the effect is not radical and almost only works with mild melasma. In order to completely treat melasma, experts say that it is necessary to add some supporting ingredients and thanks to the intervention of high technology.

Restoration for dull skin

Light rays, lasers with appropriate wavelengths can affect the area of ​​hyperpigmentation, break these bonds and discharge them out according to the skin's natural excretion mechanism without causing pain or invasion. encroachment.

However, to ensure real safety and effectiveness, you should only go to professional cosmetic centers, reputable skin clinics to be carefully examined by doctors or experts. Each skin condition will be suitable for a certain treatment course, and we should follow to quickly remove the ugly melasma patches, restore the youthful skin of the day.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about The secret to help restore melasma skin whole and most effective. Hopefully, the above methods and treatments for melasma skin care will be of great help to you. Hope you get back to yourself a healthy, beautiful skin soon! (Tip: how-to guide Melasma skin care at home safe, standard procedures at the spa).

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