How to protect skin under safe hands

Tips to Protect Underarm Skin After Correctly Treating Dark Armpits

[Q-A] How to Protect Underarm Skin After Axillary Treatment Safely?

  • After hair removal - treat dark underarms successfully! 
  • Fun, right girls?

But don't just enjoy"clean armpits - fragrant armpits - smooth white armpits” but forget the task of taking care of/protecting the skin under the arm to avoid cases PASS BACK nah.

How to protect skin under safe hands
How to protect the skin under the right way after treating dark underarms?

Miss Tram VietNam Share some experiences underarm skin care Here's for the whole family to refer to:

Avoid Contact With High Detergent Soaps And Showers

In some soaps and shower gels there are high concentrations of parabens that cause dryness and soreness. After 2 days of using the course, you need to limit contact with the above substances to protect the newly treated skin area.

Stop Using Cosmetics For Armpits

Cosmetics are like soap, there will be detergents that block the skin, causing the opposite effect of the dark underarm treatment process. Avoid using cosmetics in the armpit area, within 3 days of using the course.

Avoid Rubbing the Armpit Area

Women should not wear clothes that are too tight to avoid causing damage to the newly treated skin. There is also the risk of bacteria entering and damaging the skin.

Limit Shaving, Pulling Armpit Hair

Plucking and shaving armpits is a habit of women that causes skin damage. It is necessary to limit the impact of plucking and scraping up so that the "wing area" can get on new skin and recover quickly.

Abstain from foods that cause darkening of the skin

Coffee, tea, water spinach, eggs, etc. are foods that cause darkening of young skin. The skin under the arm after the treatment is in the recovery stage, it is necessary to abstain from the above foods to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment for dark underarms. (Refer to the how to treat dark underarms safest and most effective today).

If the "wing area" is darkened, please Contact Miss Tram to book an appointment now laser treatment for dark underarms professional technology.

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  1. Equanimity says:

    Ever since I learned about the harmful effects of plucking armpit hair, I've stopped completely, fortunately knowing it early is not so bad.