Do You Really Know Your Skin Type Right? Emphasize

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It can be affirmed that skin classification is the foundational lesson of skin care science, if you do not classify your skin then all other beauty knowledge is difficult to apply correctly.

Knowing the skin types makes it easy to combine the right products for effective skin care.

Just like writing a piece of music, it's not that the musician just arranges one note next to another, but they also have to understand the basic musical principles to compose melodies that catch the listener's attention. Skin care is not an art, you can't rely on emotions or spontaneity to create a skin care routine and ask for it.face god"Make it work.

The biggest effect of skin classification is to help us choose the right beauty plan for us. The number of skin care products on the market is endless, but the number of combinations of ingredients that suit your skin characteristics is not as much as you think. Understanding the skin properties will help you narrow down the selection, easily buy the right products and enough to meet your needs.

Through this program will provide key information and instructions on the right skin care routine for each skin type.

Everything will be much easier, through a scientific test of distinguishing each skin.

NEW SKIN CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM: 16 skin types instead of only 4 skin types as before!

* Old leather classification: Before the skin classification system, in the 1990s, Helena Rubinstein first divided skin into 4 types:

1. Normal Skin

2. Combination Skin

3. Dry Skin

4. Oily Skin

While this classification was innovative at the time, today more advanced scientific standards can be applied to classifying leather.

Do You Really Know Your Skin Type Right? Emphasize

According to the usual classification that almost everyone knows, skin is mainly divided into 4 types: normal skin, dry skin, combination skin and oily skin. However This way is based on only one factor is the level of oil secretion of the skin and does not refer to other characteristics such as texture, sensitivity or pigmentation.

If you only consider the moisture factor when shopping for skin care products, you only have access to a small aspect of beauty, not a comprehensive coverage.. A beautiful skin in addition to moisture balance must also be healthy, firm texture, even skin tone and long-lasting.

Do You Really Know Your Skin Type Right? Emphasize

Baumann's skin classification method designed to overcome this problem, has long been a standard system by which many Dermatologists worldwide rely on to assess the condition of their patients' skin.

The new 16 skin type classification system is the key to the full diagnosis & treatment of all skin problems and it is extremely helpful.

* New evaluation system that combines 4 factors of the skin: 

1. Oily (oily) and dry ;

2. Healthy and sensitive;

3. Pigmentation and non-pigmentation;

4. Wrinkled and stretched (not wrinkled).

Do You Really Know Your Skin Type Right? Emphasize

It looks very basic at first glance but your skin type da not merely the sum of the single factors of the four factors that, the elements will interact with each other and manifest their properties outwardly unique skin type you have.

Baumann skin classification multiple-choice questionnaire, can assure you that this classification system Contains all the unique properties of each skin type and it will give you specific treatment with strengths and weaknesses that correspond to your skin type.

Once you know the right skin type, the right skin care is no longer as complicated and expensive as before.

“The contribution of the Baumann system in my opinion is very valuable, not because it helps to classify the skin better, but more importantly, it helps me better understand the skin architecture under many factors. Skin is inherently very complex, so no one classification can be exact or completely fixed.

Depending on hormonal or environmental changes, the state of your skin fluctuates constantly, even reacting completely to the nature of your skin type. So skincare will not simply be buying products and applying them on your face, but requires you to listen to the needs of your skin to meet exactly what it needs at different times. And Baumann's method is a great tool to help you do that."

–Jasmin D'amour-

Take the quiz at: https://thammymisstram.vn/trac-nghiem-kiem-tra-loai-da-cua-ban/


Skin care results of 16 skin types: https://thammymisstram.vn/phan-loai-da/ 

  1. DSPT: Dry, sensitive, pigmented, tight
  2. DSNT: Dry, sensitive, non-pigmented, tight
  3. DSPW: dry, sensitive, pigmented, wrinkled
  4. DSNW: dry, sensitive, non-pigmented, wrinkled
  5. OSPT: oily, sensitive, pigmented, tight
  6. OSNT: oily, sensitive, non-pigmented, stretch
  7. OSPW: oily, sensitive, pigmented, wrinkled
  8. OSNW: oily, sensitive, non-pigmented, wrinkled
  9. ORPT: oily, strong, pigmented, tense
  10. ORNT: oily, strong, non-pigmented, tight
  11. ORPW: oily, strong, pigmented, wrinkled
  12. ORNW: oily, strong, non-pigmented, wrinkled
  13. DRPT: dry, strong, pigmented, tight
  14. DRNT: dry, strong, non-pigmented, tight
  15. DRPW: dry, strong, pigmented, wrinkled
  16. DRNW: dry, strong, non-pigmented, wrinkled

Do You Really Know Your Skin Type Right? Emphasize