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Method of Spraying Beautiful Western Brown Eyebrows

Spray brown eyebrows is an aesthetic trend that has been causing a fever with Vietnamese youth because of its youthfulness, sophistication and naturalness. The following, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Explore this amazing beauty treatment with you to see what it is and why it's loved by so many people?

What is eyebrow spray?

First of all, you need to understand what the essence of eyebrow spray is. This is a form of cosmetic needles to put a quantity of colorant under the skin. This needle only touches the epidermis, so it does not cause much pain and does not harm the skin like the old method of eyebrow tattooing. Currently, eyebrow spray has many innovative technologies such as powder eyebrow spray, ombre eyebrow spray... for customers to choose freely.

western brown eyebrow spray
Beautiful eyebrow spray technology

Eyebrow spray brings many positive benefits:

  • The needle is very small, the sprayer has a high speed, and the needle only touches the epidermis, so it does not hurt the skin.
  • After spraying, the skin does not bleed, does not hurt, does not swell and does not require any downtime.
  • The eyebrows after spraying are smooth, soft and natural, not hard and old like the old eyebrow tattoo technology.
  • Eyebrow spray is suitable for girls who often make-up because of its youthful sharpness, easy to change color to suit hair color.

In addition, when spraying eyebrows, customers can also choose their own eyebrow color. There are many different colors for customers to choose from, in which, western brown is the color that many customers love.

The reason western brown is so popular is because it has the ability to "please" anyone. This is a color suitable for many ages, suitable for many hair colors, forming a unified and harmonious whole. In particular, western brown does not make you "old" like traditional black.

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Spray eyebrows in a youthful, stylish, modern brown color

Spray brown eyebrows
Brown eyebrows

Unlike the "ferocious" black color of traditional eyebrow tattooing, western brown eyebrow spray has really breathed a new breath into eyebrow tattooing technology, giving you a youthful, personality eyebrow color. and modern.

  • Western brown suitable for all ages: Western brown color is not too bright, nor too dark, so it can be suitable for many ages from young to middle-aged, so it is loved by most people.
  • Dark brown color suitable for all skin tones: Whether you have beautiful pinkish white skin or attractive brown skin, western brown is suitable for you. Western brown color will help your face more elegant and radiant.
  • Western brown color suitable for many makeup styles: Whether you have a round face or a long face, whether you like light makeup or sharp makeup, western brown is still enough to "please" you. There are few colors that have the flexibility to transform like this color, so you can freely choose the makeup style you love.

However, not all eyebrow spray facilities are capable of helping you to get the correct western brown color, because if you spray incorrectly, you can change the color, even turn red or green. To own a perfect pair of western brown eyebrows with the right color, you should look to reputable eyebrow spray establishments like Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center.

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What makes Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center different?

prestigious eyebrow spray address in Ho Chi Minh City
Eyebrow spray service at Miss Tram

The reason Miss Tram can give you a standard western brown eyebrow is because we are a prestigious aesthetic center, possessing many outstanding advantages that not all cosmetic establishments have.

Modern spray technique

Miss Tram owns many modern eyebrow spray technologies such as silk eyebrow spray, super-fine powder or eyebrow threading to give customers the most beautiful and natural eyebrows possible. These state-of-the-art technologies give the most accurate color and absolutely no harm to the skin.

Quality inkjet ink

Inkjet ink is also a decisive factor in whether the color is standard or not. When using quality inks imported from abroad, Miss Tram will ensure you the ability to color beautifully and with high safety.

Skilled KTV

The KTVs at Miss Tram are all well-trained and have many years of experience in the profession, so you can rest assured when spraying eyebrows here.

Careful after-spray care instructions

The care of eyebrows after spraying also has a certain impact on the ability to standard brown eyebrows. After spraying, you will be given specific instructions by Miss Tram's care staff on how to take care of your eyebrows, to help you own the best eyebrows.

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Miss Tram VietNam We not only give you a beautiful standard brown eyebrows, but we also bring you radiance and confidence, making you more beautiful and successful in life.

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