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Skin Care Notes When Working From Home

How to take care of your skin when working at home properly? Working from home is a trend that promises to thrive in the future. And in the context of the current epidemic, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home online. This leads to more time using your computer, the process of completing work will also take longer due to the need to adapt to the new environment and working style. In particular, more or less the skin will also be affected by this change.

To help you always have a beautiful and healthy skin, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share extremely important skin care tips when working from home.

Pros and cons of working from home


  • Avoid negative impacts from the environment: such as dust, sunlight, environmental pollution. Therefore, it will limit the conditions of darkening, pigmentation and dull skin.
  • Limit makeup. As a result, the skin will grow healthier and reduce the risk of acne due to cosmetic allergies.


  • Using the computer more often: Using a computer regularly will cause the skin to "face" many negative effects from radiation.
  • Not focusing on skin care: Many women tend to "neglect" skin care when they are only at home all day. This causes the skin to not be properly moisturized and cleansed, leading to many skin problems.
  • More sedentary and more difficult to control the diet: Frequent snacking, inactivity will make the body and skin more susceptible to the accumulation of toxins, making the skin dull and more prone to acne.
Effective skin care when working from home
How to take care of your skin while working at home effectively

7 skin care notes when working from home

From the pros and cons of working from home, Miss Tram will list the important points you need to pay attention to to keep your skin healthy and beautiful:

1. Always pay attention to basic skin care

No matter how "lazy" you are, daily skin care is very important. Just you "neglect" them for a few days, the skin will quickly appear dull marks, or worse, acne spots due to not being cleaned and moisturized enough. So, at least make sure your skin is clean with a cleanser and moisturizer twice a day.

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2. Don't Neglect Sunscreen

How to take care of your skin at home
Sunscreen helps you protect against radiation from electronic devices

Sunscreen is responsible for protecting the skin against the negative effects of the sun. However, when not going out, you should also use this cosmetic. Because if you work indoors, your skin can also be exposed to UV rays through glass doors and windows. Especially radiation - a harmful factor to the skin from electronic devices, the level of danger is no less than UV rays.

3. Wash your face often if working at the computer

If you work continuously with a computer, you need to wash your face more often during the day. Washing your face regularly makes the skin relax and soothed before the effects of radiation. As a result, the skin will be fresh and prevent problems of acne, aging and pigmentation on the skin better.

In addition to the steps to clean the skin with cleanser in the morning and evening, you should wash your face with cool water after 2 hours of continuous work with the computer.

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4. Use mineral spray

Note when taking care of facial skin at home
Use mineral spray containing hyaluronic acid and glycerin to help skin retain good moisture

For office women, mineral spray is no stranger. This is a product replenish moisture extremely effectively for the skin when working continuously with the computer, or in an air-conditioned environment.

You can refer to the mineral spray lines containing hyaluronic acid , and glycerin – These ingredients work to help balance the amount of water needed on the skin, preventing dryness and skin aging effectively.

5. Always adjust your working posture

When working from home, many women have created many different styles of sitting, such as: put the computer on your lap, on your stomach, lying down and working, … This not only affects the health of bones and joints (neck, shoulders, back) but also causes eye fatigue and rapid dull skin. 

Therefore, in addition to always sitting and working seriously at the desk, you also need to pay attention to keep a distance of at least 35cm from the computer to limit the negative effects of radiation.

6. Drink a lot of fruit juice or green tea

Facial skin care regime while working from home
Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet

Working from home is very comfortable, you can eat and drink anything without having to worry about those around you. Therefore, prepare nutritious drinks such as smoothies, fruit or green tea. The source of vitamins and nutrients from these ingredients not only helps the skin stay young, but also effectively protects the skin against the effects of radiation.

However, you should only prepare drinks. Because a lot of junk food will both make you easy to gain weight and reduce work productivity.

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7. Have time to exercise 

Staying at home too much, lack of exercise makes your body prone to inertia and accumulation of many toxins. This not only makes the skin quickly dull and lifeless, but your physique is also greatly deteriorated.

Therefore, set aside at least 30 minutes after work to practice a certain sport. The process of exercise will increase blood circulation, release toxins and effectively remove excess fat. Your skin and body are also much healthier and younger.

Working from home brings a lot of benefits, you will save money – travel time, spend more time with yourself and your family. Especially during this epidemic season, working from home will limit contact and reduce the risk of being infected. Therefore, learn to adapt and REMEMBER to take good care of your skin to always be the most beautiful and youthful. Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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