Stop Immediately 6 Do-It-Yourself Below To Preserve Beauty Should See

Stop Now These 6 Self-Doing Things To Preserve Beauty

Many girls are quite willing to spend when shopping for clothes and snacks every day, but they often save important beauty expenses such as investing in cosmetics, skin care, hair care, ... Even, Some people even do their own nails, cut their hair, dye their hair at home to save money.

However, the DIY beauty at home does not always yield “good” results. Because when the nail polish is broken, you can remove them, but if you dye your hair the wrong way, your hair will not only be worse but also have a lot of problems. Therefore, if you want to preserve your beauty, you need to immediately stop the following things:

Beauty Jobs You Shouldn't Do Yourself At Home

1. Squeeze acne yourself

Acne is one of the most common and painful problems faced by many women. And most of the time when we encounter this situation, we often tend to handle them at home.

Do not arbitrarily pop acne
Do not arbitrarily pop acne

With small pimples or you know how to squeeze acne, it's okay. But if you don't know how to distinguish and treat acne, it's best not to arbitrarily pop acne at home - especially when you have hidden acne, acne, cystic acne. Because squeezing acne in the wrong way not only easily leaves scars, but also makes acne spread more on the face. Therefore, when you have acne, it is best to go to reputable beauty facilities to get rid of the root.

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2. Cut your own hair at home

Self-cutting bangs, trimming frizzy hair is a habit of many women to save beauty costs. On social networks, there are also many useful video tutorials to help women cut their own hair at home in the simplest way.

Cut your own hair at home
Cut your own hair at home

However, if you are not really confident in your workmanship, it is best to go to a barber shop, especially with bangs. Because the broken bangs will greatly affect your appearance, you will realize that the distance between "beautiful" and "stupid" is very short, only one cut apart. Therefore, if you are confident in owning a "beautiful hair" face, you can cut your own hair at home. Otherwise, the safest and most economical solution is to go to the store.

3. Self-bleaching hair

Currently, there are many hair dye products available on the market - women can easily buy and use them at home without going to the store. However, in fact, the choice of dye, bleach needs to depend on the condition of your hair. If your hair is weak or damaged, and you use a strong hair bleach, it will make your hair weaker, more susceptible to damage and faster hair loss.

Hair bleaching
Damaged hair, hair loss if you do not know how to bleach

Moreover, hair bleaching, hair dyeing are quite complicated techniques, if you mix the wrong chemicals - ratio - dosage or do not brush the dye evenly on your hair, your hair color will not be evenly colored and beautiful OK. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your hair, you should absolutely not bleach your hair at home.

4. Self-dyed eyebrows, eyelashes

Similar to bleaching and dyeing hair at home, you should not dye your eyebrows or eyelashes yourself. Because in addition to the risk of using the wrong drug, dyeing unevenly, dyeing your own eyebrows and eyelashes can also affect your eye area.

Just a little chemical in your eyes, you will have to stop this beauty process and give first aid to your eyes right away - extremely dangerous and inconvenient.

Self-dyed eyebrows, eyelashes
Self-dyed eyebrows, eyelashes

5. Self-shaping eyebrows

In fact, you can completely shape your eyebrows with tweezers or a razor. However, if you have "primitive" eyebrows, it's best to go to reputable beauty establishments to shape them appropriately and balance your face. Because for the face, the shape of the eyebrows is extremely important. Once you have the right eyebrow shape, you can trim your eyebrows yourself, shaving your eyebrows more easily as they lengthen.

Shape your eyebrows yourself
 Faulty eyebrows due to self-shaping

6. Do it yourself, remove it yourself at home

With the development of beauty technology, modern women have almost eliminated false eyelashes from their makeup list. Instead, they chose eyelash extensions - a method to beautify eyelashes that is simple, natural and much more convenient. However, instead of going to a beauty salon to do eyelash extensions, many girls have bought their own eyelash extension kits and made them at home. (Refer Beautiful, reputable eyelash extension service most currently).

Self-attach eyelashes, remove eyelash extensions yourself at home
Eyelash extensions at home are risky if you don't know the technique

Eyelash extensions at home are completely possible, but there are quite a few risks because:

  • Without experience, eyelash extensions are quite difficult and do not bring high aesthetics. Therefore, you need to practice quite a lot.
  • Eyelash extensions are quite expensive, but if you buy cheap kits, they won't give you the best support. Especially when using poor quality glue.
  • You need to identify and choose "mature" eyelashes to ensure the most durable eyelash extensions.
  • Eyelash extensions take a lot of time and effort.

Easier to remove eyelash extensions eyelash extensions a lot, so you can completely do it at home. However, if you want to remove the eyelash extensions before the "expiry date", it's best to go to the shop, because these connections will be quite stubborn, if not removed properly they will make your real eyelashes and eyelashes easy. it's hurt. (Update hottest makeup trends is expected to dominate this year).

A woman's face, skin, and hair are the factors that affect her appearance the most. Therefore, if you are not confident in your ability to beautify yourself, it is best to go to a beauty salon to preserve your beauty. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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