Top 6 Effective Melasma & Freckle Treatment Food Groups Announced

Top 6 Food Groups Effectively Treat Melasma & Freckles

Melasma and freckles Although it does not affect the health of the skin, it affects the aesthetics of the face. This skin condition makes women look less sharp and lose confidence when communicating. To prevent as well as Treatment of melasma, freckles effective, in addition to the steps Skincare properly, you need to know the foods that should and should not be added to the daily menu. So, don't skip the next post of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ok

The Most Effective Treatment Food Group For Melasma, Freckles

1. Foods rich in vitamin C

food group to treat melasma freckles
Food group rich in vitamin C

Base on the research, vitamin C Effective in preventing the formation of melanin pigment at the same time fade brown, dark spots. In addition, this vitamin also supports the proliferation collagen, thereby stimulating skin regeneration, giving you a younger, more even and brighter skin. Therefore, this vitamin is likened to a kind of "panacea" in the treatment of melasma and freckles.

Foods rich in vitamin C are often found in fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, pineapples, guava, kiwi, grapefruit, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, etc.

It is best to supplement vitamin C with food because this is the richest and most easily absorbed source of this vitamin.

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2. Foods high in Glutathione

Foods High in Glutathione
Foods High in Glutathione

glutathione is a type of protein that works Anti-oxidant, detoxifying and increasing the body's resistance. This type of substance also has a whitening effect based on the mechanism of inhibiting the formation of melanin, stimulating collagen growth and slowing down the aging process. skin aging. Therefore, the addition of foods containing glutathione will greatly support the treatment of melasma and freckles.

Foods rich in glutathione include: asparagus, avocado, strawberries, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers.

However, food sources containing very little glutathione and not high amounts - will not be enough to meet the needs of treating melasma and freckles. Therefore, supplementing with glutathione with functional foods is a necessity – remember to choose product lines with clear brands and origins to supplement glutathione safely and effectively.

3. Foods rich in vitamin E

Foods rich in vitamin E
Foods rich in vitamin E

Like vitamin C, vitamin E has a comprehensive body care effect. This vitamin is also likened to a "multi-purpose panacea" in beauty care. Especially for freckled skin, vitamin E has the following uses:

  • Stimulates collagen regeneration and increases skin elasticity.
  • Fades dark spots and pigmentation on the skin due to increased melanin secretion.
  • Cleanse the skin, remove the plaque and melasma root.
  • Helps skin recover quickly from the effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Effectively prevents skin aging.

Although it is more effective when used directly on the skin, the vitamin E supplement Via food is also very important, contributing to the rapid treatment of melasma and freckles.

Foods rich in vitamin E include nuts such as walnuts, black sesame, soybeans, peanuts and sprouts.

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4. Foods Rich in Selenium

Foods Rich in Selenium
Foods Rich in Selenium

Selenium although not directly supporting the process melasma treatment But it also helps the body convert it into glutathione. Therefore, this is a source of food that you need to supplement your body if you want to quickly have a bright white skin.

Selenium is found in foods such as mushrooms, bamboo shoots, onions, eggs, garlic, liver, and shellfish.

5. Foods containing antioxidant compounds

Foods containing antioxidants
Foods containing antioxidants

Surely everyone knows the role of the antioxidant compounds with health as well as skin. With the effect of preventing the development of free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other diseases. signs of skin aging effective.

For women with melasma due to the aging process, the addition of antioxidant-rich foods is a necessity to repel melasma.

Golden foods considered to be rich in antioxidant compounds include: strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, broccoli, walnuts, garlic, red bell peppers, dark chocolate and citrus fruits.

6. What foods should be limited?

In addition to adding foods to effectively treat melasma and freckles, you need to limit the following foods:

Red meat

Food to treat melasma and freckles effectively
Limit red meat in your diet

Red meats such as beef, lamb, pork, etc. are a rich source of protein and iron for the body. However, if you are suffering from melasma and freckles, using this type of food will make them spread faster. So, replace this food source with white meat or poultry.


According to experts, allergenic seafood such as shrimp, crab, snail, squid, crab, etc. can cause the skin to become itchy and uncomfortable during treatment. Therefore, it is best to limit these foods, especially those who are prone to allergies.

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Poultry eggs

Limit the use of poultry eggs
Do not use too many poultry eggs

According to folklore, poultry eggs will make the melasma areas after treatment whiter than other skin areas - thus causing uneven skin tone. Therefore, you should limit this food source in your daily menu.

So, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center shared groups foods to eat and avoid during the treatment of melasma and freckles. To get rid of these skin problems quickly and thoroughly, in addition to diet, you need to choose the right treatment and always care - protect skin properly Please. Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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