Hairstyles That Promise To Make It Rain This Year All

Hairstyles That Promise To Make It Rain This Year

Hair is always a factor that determines the beauty and harmony of the overall face. One hair style Being considered beautiful not only needs to exude the confidence and personality of the owner but also be trendy and trendy.

In particular, the last days of this year is the time when you should start referring to the latest hairstyles to change your style. Therefore, today's post Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Let's take a look at the hairstyles that stormed the Spring Summer fashion weeks this year. Because according to statistics, at least 5 Hairstyles on the runway From fashion weeks will be the hot trend next year.

The Hairstyles That Promise To Make The Most Rain This Year

1. Classic Braids

The most "promoted" hairstyle in the last spring-summer 2020 fashion weeks is the classic braid. Widely transformed with many fashion styles, this hairstyle is highly appreciated by critics and beauty believers.

hairstyle promises to storm in 2020
Classic braids

No need for heat or machinery, just a little meticulousness, these hairstyles will always suit every face, enhance the contours and help your outfit look stronger and more personal. so many, so much. Therefore, braided hair promises to be a hot trend in the coming year for women.

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2. Side parted hair

A trend for hair to come back on the Spring/Summer 2020 catwalk is parted hair tóc. This hairstyle is suitable for many hairstyles from long, short, loose or neatly tied. And the deviated parting line will make your face more elegant and attractive. In particular, girls with round faces will be very suitable for parted hairstyles.

Side parted hair
Side parted hair

One note when keeping this hairstyle is that you must keep your hair healthy, shiny and in order. Because otherwise, just a gust of wind will quickly mess them up.

3. Hair parted in the middle

If you do not have sparse bangs, women will probably choose a middle split – this hairstyle has been chosen by many women in recent years. And with the Spring/Summer 2020 catwalk, middle parted hair is still favored when accompanied by many different hairstyles, especially long hair.

Middle parted hair
Middle parted hair

The long, straight hair with a straight center parting and the office clothes is a recipe you should pocket if you always pursue the image of an elegant and luxurious upperclassman.

Hairstyles That Promise To Make It Rain This Year All

In addition, the middle parted hair is suitable for many face shapes, you can choose for yourself light curls to match each outfit you are wearing.

4. Steamy hair

A hairstyle that many fashion houses promote on the spring-summer 2020 catwalks is steamy hair. The wet hairstyle is combed back modern, "lemongrass" mixed with a little cool, making the girls look both personality, modern and very mysterious.

Steamy hair
Steamy hair

Not only is it friendly with both long and short hair, this hairstyle is also extremely easy to do, because it only requires a little bit of gel on wet hair. So, do not hesitate to break the way with this special hairstyle.

One note, when choosing to wear this steamy hairstyle, you need makeup to focus on the eyes. With deep eyes and slicked hair, you're sure to be extremely attractive in front of the crowd.

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5. Hair with many accessories

Hair with many accessories
Hair with many accessories

An option for girls who like to "rude" is to style hair with accessories such as scarves, headbands, pearls or even flowers, etc. These accessories will make your hair stand out. and more soulful.

And don't be shy when using unique accessories, because this hairstyle trend is very popular with fashion houses. Just choose for yourself a few hair accessories, you will be free to create new styles for yourself.

6. "Whale Faucet" Hair

Super high ponytails are also trending later this year. Not only promoted by the stars, this hairstyle was also favored by fashion houses to be put on the fashion catwalks last Spring and Summer. Therefore, this hairstyle will promise to storm in 2020.

Hair "whale faucet"
Hair "whale faucet"

Just bun a part or all of your hair up, then wrap a section of hair around the hair band and reshape it. You will have a hairstyle that is both modern and youthful with a bit of a 60's vibe.

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Above is the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about hairstyle will promise to storm this year. No need to cut your hair in a sophisticated way, with just a little ingenuity, you can completely "transform" your appearance: By braiding, changing the parting or simply using a Less gel and accessories, your hair will be refreshed quickly.

Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always confidently express yourself with the most trendy hairstyles!

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