Special Effective Blackhead Prevention Measures

Effective Ways to Prevent Blackheads

Everyone has been blackhead. Some have eliminated them, some have not. To remove and prevent blackheads Recurrence needs to find out the cause and have a cycle Proper skin care. Today's post, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share effective ways to prevent blackheads.

The Secrets To Help Prevent Blackheads Effectively

1. What is a blackhead?

How to remove blackheads effectively
What is Blackhead? What causes blackheads? What is the most effective way to get rid of blackheads?

Blackhead They are very conspicuous, they are small pimples slightly protruding on the surface of the skin and are often very unsightly black. Blackheads do not usually cause pain or swelling like other types of acne, but if you Squeeze acne incorrectly, they can progress to become more inflammatory and become acne or pustules.

Blackhead formation process: Due to the strong activity of the sebaceous glands, excess oil is secreted on the skin, combined with dirt and dead cells. clogged pores acne formation. When the acne spots at the pore open, exposure to the environment will oxidize to form blackheads.

Blackhead formation stage
Blackhead formation process

Blackheads appear a lot on the face, especially the nose area - the area with the most oil. In addition, blackheads also appear all over the body, the most common locations are the chest, neck, back, arms and shoulders.

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2. Causes of Blackheads

The most effective way to prevent blackheads is get rid of acne at the root. But first. We need to know and prevent the causes of acne to avoid recurrence of acne.

Some of the main causes of blackheads are:

  • Due to improper skin care and hygiene, not clean enough.
  • Due to eating too much hot spicy food, greasy food causes the skin to secrete a lot of excess oil.
  • Hormonal changes, hormone imbalance stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.
  • Facial skin is exposed to a polluted environment with a lot of dust and bacteria that cause acne.
  • Due to abuse of skin care cosmetics containing corticosteroids, lithium; or using certain drugs such as birth control pills, anti-epileptic drugs are also causes of blackheads.

3. Effective ways to prevent blackheads

Regular exfoliation

Regular exfoliation
Regular exfoliation

Dead cells is one of the factors that clog pores, combined with sebum will easily cause blackheads. Therefore, to prevent blackheads, it is necessary to remove dead skin cells on a regular basis 2 times/week. Do not exfoliate too much as this will cause abrasion and damage to the skin. To have a healthy skin, this is an indispensable step in the skin care process.

Use oil-free cosmetics

Oil-free is a term used to refer to cosmetics that do not contain oil. If you have oily skin and prone to acne, using oil-free skin care products will help reduce the possibility of causing blackheads significantly.

Apply cleansing masks

Apply cleansing masks
Apply cleansing masks

One of a kind blackhead mask the effect is clay mask. This mask has good absorbing ability, so it is very suitable for limiting excess oil on the face.

In addition, some types nature mask from ingredients such as egg white, oats, honey, lemon, coconut oil ... also help clean pores, prevent and treat blackheads effectively.

Choose the right face wash

Tips to help prevent blackheads
Choose the right face wash

According to dermatologists, you should choose the type cleanser Contains salicylic acid as an ingredient. This chemical is oil-based and crystalline, so it is enough to penetrate deep into the pores, effectively cleaning and removing oil residues. Thanks to that, they can remove and prevent blackheads, control excess oil on the skin.

So, choose a face wash that is suitable for your skin, with ingredients salicylic acid, extract natural and of origin, clear origin for the most effective skin cleansing process.

Healthy diet

To prevent acne effectively, you need to have a healthy skin. And nutrition is a factor that affects skin health. So, set up a nutritious diet, drink enough water to keep the skin well-nourished, healthy and rosy. In addition, always limit hot, spicy, high-fat foods - this is the leading cause of stimulating excess oil secretion and acne formation.

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Do not peel too much acne

Do not peel too much acne
Do not peel too much acne

Many people with blackheads often use the acne removal productsThis is a quick way to get rid of those ugly acne spots. However, if you peel the acne too much, it will make the skin vulnerable, the pores will open wider, and the sebaceous glands will be more active.

Therefore, you should only peel off acne at most once a week after steaming, then the skin will be softer, the pores will expand so that it can be easily removed without hurting the skin. After that, don't forget to wash your face and apply ice or toner to tighten pores again.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about Effective ways to prevent blackheads. Hope this article will be useful to you, wish you a beautiful healthy skin!

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