5 Criteria for Evaluation of Beautiful Skin - Healthy Certification

5 Criteria for Assessing a Beautiful – Healthy Skin

Criteria for Evaluation of a Beautiful – Healthy Skin

5 Criteria for Evaluation of Beautiful Skin - Healthy Certification

Beautiful Skin - Healthy Skin, who doesn't want it, but to understand the criteria for evaluating the skin, most of us are still quite vague. By the way, Miss Tram will give you 5 criteria to evaluate a beautiful skin so that everyone can test their skin together!

A beautiful skin is skin that meets the following 5 criteria:

1. Smoothness of the skin

  • When you touch the skin, you will feel the softness, the skin surface is flat, does not secrete much oil, the skin elasticity is good.
  • To maintain the smoothness of your skin, you should set up a scientific diet - sleep. Thanks to that, the skin will increase the ability to eliminate toxins, dead cells are also removed, preventing tiny acne to make the skin healthier and smoother.

2. Skin firmness

  • To know if your skin is firm or not, let's look at the following 4 factors: smoothness and elasticity of the skin to the touch, less wrinkles, moisture and oil on the skin is balanced, fresh colors
  • For firm skin, it needs: moisture – full water supply daily for smoother skin; oil – keeps the water on the skin from evaporating; nutrients – help maintain and protect skin firmness.

3. Brightness of the skin

  • Signs of bright white skin include: softness, bright skin color.
  • To maintain bright skin, it is necessary to provide enough moisture to avoid dehydration, remove harmful dead cells on the surface of the skin and ensure the body's detoxification mechanism works well.
  • Skin care with serums, essences, lotions, etc. will improve the skin visibly, combined with a healthy diet, avoiding greasy, alcohol-rich foods...

4. Skin elasticity

Smooth skin, light skin is not enough, in which good elasticity evaluates whether your skin is really HEALTHY or not. Elastic skin has a plump skin structure, when pressing or touching the skin has elasticity, wrinkles in the eye and corner of the mouth are less likely to appear. Do not hesitate to provide adequate moisture and continuously massage face lifting daily. Refer to the face lifting products effective and trusted by women today.

5. Skin moisture

  • The key factor is that the skin produces less excess oil, the surface is soft, and the elasticity is high due to an adequate amount of water.
  • -Dark spots, wrinkles, acne, ... all originate from dry skin lacking moisture. Therefore, women should always remember to moisturize the skin regularly to have a healthy and bright skin.

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