4 Small Tips For Effective Skin Care For Professional Men

4 Small Tips For Effective Skin Care For Men Only

Gone are the thoughts that beauty is only for women, today, everyone has a need to beautify themselves. Whether male or female, "facade" is an important thing that impresses the opposite person. This paragraph Miss Tram Spa has synthesized beauty knowledge "exclusively" for the boys of Miss Tram VietNam .

4 Steps Effective Men's Skin Care

Clean skin

This is the basic step in the process lotion. Guys, be diligent facial hygiene by use makeup remover, Then wash your skin again with a cleanser suitable for your skin type.

Clean skin
Facial cleansing

Keep skin moist

Apply moisturizer on your skin before going to bed, especially in winter or when the climate is dry to keep skin fresh.

Keep skin moist
Moisturize skin everyday

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen will help your skin avoid pigmentation and freckles, especially not sunburn.

Use sunscreen
Use sunscreen regularly

Take care of your skin by healthy habits

You should drink 2-3 liters of water per day to help the body detox to make the face more beautiful. In addition, it is necessary to add more fruits to have beautiful healthy skin. Do not drink too much alcohol because they are the cause of premature skin degeneration.

Always have a healthy habit to take care of your face
Always have a healthy habit to take care of your face

Guys, make sure to master the basic beauty knowledge! Or come to Miss Tram right away to use advanced beauty technologies to "retouch" handsome looks.

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Some New, Effective Skin Beauty Technologies Today:

  • Spirulina treatment helps whiten smooth, tighten pores
  • Run only Nano Diamond
  • CO2 detox mask for skin
  • Regenerate shiny skin with Salmon DNA Electrophoresis
  • Brightening skin with Activated Carbon Laser
  • Remove fat bags, wrinkles, slim face and body with Exilis technology
  • Skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, V-line slimming with Hifu S + technology
  • Regulate sebum, whiten, remove skin toxins with bio-light technology
  • Acne Treatment with Fractional CO2 Laser + Exclusive Herbal Medicine Package Đông
  • Tattoo removal with Yag laser technology.

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4 Small Tips For Effective Skin Care For Men Only Clean skin
Keep skin moist
Use sunscreen
Take care of your face with healthy habits
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