List 4 Skincare Products That French Women Often "Boycott" Announced

List 4 Skincare Products That French Women Often "Boycott"

According to dermatologists, French women have a natural and instinctive way of taking care of their skin. Not being too picky in skincare routine as makeup making them always exude a very gentle and attractive demeanor.

Not only that, a simple but complete skin care routine still helps French women always maintain a healthy, smooth skin making many women from all over the world jealous. And because only minimalist skincareFrench ladies usually never use the following skin care products!

Skincare Products French Women Don't Use

1. Acne cream

Surely a lot of girls when they have acne, will "crazy" all up, then will find a way to get rid of those nasty inflammatory acne spots as quickly as possible. They can use acne cream, acne medicine, acne mask or laser methods, ... to solve acne on my skin. However, French women are quite "indifferent" to this issue.

acne cream
French women do not use acne creams

According to skin care experts, acne products will never be in the skincare routine of French girls. Because when they have acne, they will let them "ripe" naturally - this "no effect" makes the skin less damaged and does not cause any irritation or risks.

Instead, they will use colored cream or BB Cream to both moisturize the skin and conceal acne when going out.

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2. Exfoliating cleanser with strong cleansing ingredients

Job clean skin as thorough as Exfoliating face wash Daily with a face wash is not the skincare style of French women. Because this cleaning method will make the skin thinner, more prone to irritation and cause the capillaries to rise to the skin.

Do not use exfoliating cleansers with strong cleansing ingredients
Do not use exfoliating cleansers with strong cleansing ingredients

Cleaning products containing strong detergents are also boycotted by French women because they are "too strong" - causing the skin to lose its natural moisture, become dry and tight, and the beneficial bacteria on the skin are also easily removed. This will greatly affect the texture and health of the skin.

The habits of French women in the cleaning process:

  • French women love to use makeup removers and cleansers with super-gentle formulas with natural ingredients. This two-step cleansing combination will leave their skin deeply cleansed but still not stripping the inherent oil layer of the skin.
  • French women do not use tap water to wash their faces, because they are aware of the effects of disinfectants and bacteria in tap water. Instead, they will use filtered or mineral water to clean the skin every day.

3. Makeup remover wet wipes

For these ladies who love style simple skincare Like French women, "convenient" skin care products are always on the "taboo" list.

Do not use makeup remover wipes
Do not use makeup remover wipes

According to this country's dermatologist: Preservatives and cleaning agents in wet wipes remove quite a lot of makeup, with trang sensitive skin more or less they will cause skin irritation. So if there is a "required substance" to use, French women always make sure to wash off all remnants of a makeup remover by washing their face thoroughly with a cleanser right after.

4. Chemical Sunscreen

Surely many of you will be surprised to know that French women often do not use it chemical sunscreen. In their view, chemical sunscreens contain quite a few endocrine-disrupting ingredients – they are in small proportions and are safe for the skin, but when used daily can also carry many “innocuous” risks. Figure".

Do not use sunscreen with chemical ingredients
Do not use sunscreen with chemical ingredients

Therefore, these girls often favor lines physical sunscreen than. This product is easy to apply, protects the skin well and especially the ingredients that contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamins and natural extracts chiết should be safer for the skin.

So, with a minimalist skincare style, how can the French ladies have a healthy and beautiful skin?

French women take care of their skin simply but not overboard, using less but "quality" skin care products, especially they have a very simple and enjoyable lifestyle:

  • They wear minimal makeup to enhance their natural beauty – this limits the negative effects of makeup.
  • They prefer to use cosmetic products - products that are not too expensive but ensure quality and are beneficial to the body.
  • They regularly massage the skin with natural oils – both moisturizing and strengthening the skin.
  • They are patient with the skincare method they have chosen - no rush, no change of skin care products.
  • They eat freely, without restriction but in moderation – eating is fun and this helps them feel more comfortable with themselves.
The simple skin care of French women
The simple skin care of French women is light makeup

Therefore, French women always stand out with their natural beauty, simple but very charismatic and attractive.

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Everyone wants to have healthy skin, so do you and the French girls too. Maybe you will stick with your current skincare routine and products, or you will refer to some of the above skin care tips. However, whether or not you should at least learn one thing, that is to make sure everything you use for your skin and body is "quality". Hope this article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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