How to shape standard eyebrows, beautiful, suitable for face

4 Steps To Create Beautiful Standard Eyebrows Without Tattooing

Double ownership eyebrow Natural beauty and suitable for face contour will help you become more attractive in the eyes of people around. But how to own the desired eyebrows, not all of you know well.

If you want to own beautiful natural eyebrows without intervention Spray cosmetic tattooing Then the most suitable method for you is to draw yourself a perfect eyebrow.

If you are still confused and don't know how to shape your eyebrows so that they are beautiful but still natural and in harmony with the face, don't worry. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center ready to guide you.

Some Notes To Help You Draw Beautiful Natural Eyebrows

Job draw eyebrows It's not too difficult, even a beginner can still create a beautiful, natural and attractive eyebrow if you know the secret. Here are some important notes before starting to draw eyebrows.

Determine the right eyebrow shape and eyebrow color

Eyebrow shape looks most natural when it fits your overall face. So first you need to determine your face shape.Each face shape and contour will be suitable for a different eyebrow style.

Determine the right eyebrow shape for the face
Determine the right eyebrow shape for the face

Oval face shape

The oval face is considered the standard face shape, this face type is suitable for almost any eyebrow shape because it has a balanced ratio between the forehead, eyes and chin. Usually, simple eyebrow shapes like curved arcs, slender eyebrows are very suitable for oval faces.

Long face shape

Horizontal eyebrows will help those with long faces look more balanced. Drawing horizontal eyebrows is a makeup trend that is very flattering to Asian face contours because of its sophistication and simplicity, especially for those of you who love Korean-style makeup.

Round face shape

For those of you who have a round face, drawing bow-shaped eyebrows and a slightly slanted eyebrow will help everything become perfect and balanced.

Filled face shape

The lines on the face are usually square, with many angles. The most suitable eyebrow shape to "soften" this angularity is the eyebrows that draw the tail elongated to balance the angle of the jaw. The beginning of the eyebrow should be drawn a little bit thick, the body is sharp and finally pulled up slightly at the tail.

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Eyebrow color

Eyebrow color depends on many factors such as skin color, hair color… as well as the makeup style you aim for.

How to create beautiful eyebrows at home
Depending on the color of your skin and hair color to choose the right eyebrow color

If you have dark skin, the most suitable colors for you are dark tones such as black, dark wood brown. Pale colors do not help your facial contours stand out. If you have light skin, the most suitable colors for you are light tones such as light gray, light brown, etc.

In addition, to make the overall face more harmonious, the eyebrow color should match or be one tone lighter than the hair color. See details in the article:Criteria for choosing the right eyebrow spray color"

4 steps to draw beautiful natural eyebrows

Before drawing eyebrows, you should trim your eyebrows neatly. Eyebrows will look unnatural if you leave the tail wide, messy and untidy.

Neat eyebrows will make your face look more elegant and attractive. However, you should be careful when trimming your eyebrows to avoid damaging the surrounding skin.

Now it's time to start drawing natural and beautiful eyebrows!

You need to prepare a straight body brush and eyebrow pencil. We will define the eyebrow shape by the first 3 points - top - bottom.

Learn how to shape eyebrows to suit each face type
How to draw beautiful eyebrows at home

Step 1: You hold the brush along the bridge of your nose, the point of intersection between the brush and the tip of your eyebrow is the "head". Use a marker to mark this point.

Step 2: You hold the brush so that the tip of the brush is in the socket next to the nose, keep your eyes looking straight and let the brush body tilt to coincide with the position of the pupil. The intersection point between the brush body and the eyebrow is the "peak". Use a marker to mark this point.

Step 3: You still keep the brush head in the socket next to the nose, the brush body is gradually tilted towards the corner of the eye, then keep it at the corner of the eye. The intersection point between the brush body and the eyebrow is the "lower" point. Use a marker to mark this point.

Step 4: Connect the top 3 points - top - bottom that you just marked, we will have the shape of your eyebrows. You can adjust the curvature of the eyebrows based on the "top" and "bottom" points to make the line more harmonious with the face.

Finally, you just need to color your eyebrows and you have successfully owned beautiful natural eyebrows that match your face contours!
With 4 simple steps to draw eyebrows above, wish you success in drawing natural and attractive eyebrows.

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Some Eyebrow Care Notes

  • Do not pluck your eyebrows: Plucking eyebrows in addition to causing pain, this action also causes eyebrows to grow disorderly. Therefore, it is best to trim your eyebrows only by shaving.
  • Do not trim your eyebrows too thin: Incorrect eyebrow trimming will make your eyebrows pale and unsightly.
  • Use a specialized brush: You should use specialized eyebrow brushes to help brows stay in place and have a better shape without damaging the skin.
  • Use eyebrow care: After removing makeup, you should apply on your eyebrows natural nutrients containing vitamin E such as coconut oil, olive oil ... will help eyebrows grow faster and smoother.

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You can completely draw yourself a beautiful, natural and attractive eyebrow without any cosmetic tattoo intervention. However, if you don't want to spend a lot of time painting and drawing eyebrows every day, tattooing is a solution you can refer to.

If you have any questions about the tattoo spray method - eyebrow sculpting natural, don't be shy Contact Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center for your advice.

Wish you success in owning the perfect perfect eyebrows!

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