10 Tips For Lip Care When It's Cold Out Super Effective Exactly

10 Tips for Lip Care When It's Cold

Dry weather khi it's getting cold Women are always worried because their skin and lips are always in a state of being dry and lifeless. If the skin is cared for and protected with many layers lotion, your lips are very prone to peeling because there are not many specialized moisturizing products.

Therefore, to keep your lips soft and smooth on winter days, you should refer to these lip care tips extremely effective after of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center .

Tips for Lip Care When It's Cold Out Super Effective

1. Moisturize your lips regularly

lip care tips when it's cold
Moisturize your lips regularly

The climate in winter always causes the lips to quickly lose moisture. Therefore, the regular work Apply moisturizer For the lips is an extremely necessary thing. 

Always carry a stick lip balm with you, and should choose lip balms with natural ingredients that do not contain fragrances or colorants. In particular, you should invest in lip balms with a high sun protection index. Because UV rays always exist in all weather and can damage your lips, making your lips more prone to dryness and darkening. (Refer to the How to care for lips without darkening help you have more good experience in lip care).

2. Always drink enough water

How to effectively care for lips when it's cold at home
Always drink enough water

Cold weather makes the body less thirsty. But you need to get into the habit of drinking water according to the hour and evenly distributed throughout the day to ensure that the body is not dehydrated. Because when there is a lack of water, your lips will be the first affected part.

3. A healthy, nutritious diet

Healthy diet
A healthy, nutritious diet

Like the skin, when lacking vitamins, the lips will quickly become chapped, especially in winter weather conditions. Therefore, in addition to Daily lip moisturizer, you need to pay attention to a diet full of nutrients.

In addition, if your lips are dry, avoid hot spicy foods and avoid contact with acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons, and tomatoes. Because these food sources make chapped lips more and more serious.

4. Absolutely don't lick your lips

don't lick your lips
Absolutely do not lick your lips

Licking your lips is an extremely bad habit of many people – this action is one of the reasons why your lips are always dry and dull. The reason is that when licking the lips, the enzymes in the saliva that come into contact with the air will cause the lips to quickly lose water. Therefore, if you are in this habit, you should stop immediately.

5. Always protect your lips when going out

Like Miss Tram VietNam mentioned that in any weather UV rays is still present. Besides, the dry and windy weather also makes Lips quickly lose moisture. Therefore, in addition to using lipstick lines with sunscreen effects, you need to carefully cover your face when going out.

6. Regularly exfoliate your lips

Exfoliating lips
Regularly exfoliate your lips

When it is cold, the lips are prone to dryness and the appearance of dead cells faster. Therefore, instead of using your hands to remove dead skin, you should regularly kill death celk lips twice a week. This not only helps the lips to be more smooth, but also helps the nutrients from the balm penetrate into the skin faster. 

Some simple but extremely effective exfoliating recipes: brown sugar + coconut oil, brown sugar + lemon + honey, sugar + olive oil, vaseline + sugar + salt.

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7. Use lipstick with lip balm ingredients

lip care tips when it gets cold
Use lip color with lip balm ingredients

To moisturize your lips regularly, you should give preference to color lipsticks with lip balm. Besides, before applying lipstick, you should also use a layer lip balm – this not only helps the lipstick color to be more beautiful, but also ensures that the lips are sufficiently moisturized for many hours.

8. “Breathing through the nose”

The dry weather and low temperatures make many people often have problems with the nasal cavity and often have the habit of breathing through the mouth. However, breathing through the mouth will create airflow around the lips and quickly lose moisture on the lips. So, while breathing through your nose can sometimes feel uncomfortable, it will avoid making your lips chapped and dry.

9. Use a humidifier

Use a lip humidifier
Use a humidifier

If you often encounter problems dry skin and dry lips, then perhaps an air humidifier will be an ideal suggestion for you. Put a humidifier in the bedroom in the evening or on too cold days to limit dry lips.

10. Apply lip mask with natural ingredients

lip care tips when it gets cold
Apply lip mask with natural ingredients

In addition to daily lip balm, you need to add moisture and nutrients to your lips with different types of lip balm natural mask. Because the natural ingredients both provide moisture to the lips effectively, and help improve the conditions of dark lips, chapped lips quickly.

Miss Tram would like to suggest some effective ingredients for making lip masks: honey, cucumber, olive/coconut oil, yogurt, rose water, etc.

Above are the The secret to effective lip care when it gets coldMiss Tram - Natural Beauty Center would like to recommend to you. Smooth lips will help you look fresh and more confident, so pay attention to lip care every day to always have the brightest smile.

Hope the above article will be useful to you. Wish you always have a smooth, rosy lips!

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10 Tips for Lip Care When It's Cold Apply moisturizer regularly
Always drink enough water
A healthy, scientific diet
Don't lick your lips
Protect your lips when going out
Regularly exfoliate your lips
Use lip color with lip balm ingredients
Breathe through the nose
Use a humidifier
Apply lip mask with natural ingredients
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