Top 10 Tips To Balance Oily Skin Effectively For Men In Summer Confidential

Top 10 Tips To Balance Oily Skin Effectively For Men In Summer

Of the skin types, perhaps oily will cause the most discomfort to male, especially on hot summer days. The fact that the skin often secretes a lot of oil not only makes men easy to face conditions acne, but also make them lose confidence when communicating. Therefore, to regulate sebum on the skin quickly, men need to have skincare regimen carefully inside and out. 

In this article, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share these Tips to balance oily skin effectively for men in the summer

Tips To Balance Oily Skin Effectively For Men In Summer

1. Use specialized facial cleanser lines

Clean skin always a step facial skin care most necessary and basic of men. However, for guys who have oily skin, conventional face wash products cannot effectively remove sebum.

You should not use facial cleansers with high detergents, nor should you be too strong when washing your face - this will cause the natural oil layer on the skin to be lost, dry skin and stimulate excess oil secretion. more and more.

Therefore, to ensure pores are deeply cleaned and oil is best balanced, use products face wash for oily skin specialized. These product lines have glycerine-based treatment – ​​which has the effect of absorbing excess oil but still ensuring that it does not strip the skin of its natural moisture. (Tip skin care in the morning safest and most effective).

Oily skin balance for menUsing cleanser for oily skin

2. Exfoliate regularly for the skin

Dead skin It is also one of the reasons for the situation oily skin more. Because when not removed, dead skin cells will clog pores and thereby stimulate the skin to produce excess oil.

To effectively clean the skin and balance excess oil, you need to regularly Exfoliate dead skin 2 times/week. It is possible to use natural formulations (like coconut oil + brown sugar + lemon, honey + oats, coffee grounds + coconut oil) or specialized products, but always be gentle so as not to hurt the skin.

Oily skin care for menRegularly exfoliate the skin

3. Don't let your skin get too hot

The heat will create thermal friction and inhibit the skin, thereby stimulating excess oil to secrete more on the skin. This is also the reason why men's oily skin is always more uncomfortable in summer days.

To improve the effects of temperature, you need to pay attention to the following points: 

  • Always cover carefully when going out with a sunscreen, hat, mask, etc.
  • Do not take a hot bath.
  • Limit saunas.
  • Avoid eating spicy foods or drinking alcohol.

4. Don't overuse rose water

Many cosmetic brands often "divine" the use of Rose water in balancing skin pH. This skin care product can balance the oil, but only for a certain period of time, after that, the oil secretion process is still normal.

Therefore, you can use this product after washing your face with cleanser, but should not be abused too many times a day - because it can be counterproductive.

Oily skin care tips for menRose water

5. Always moisturize your skin every day

Many men often ignore work moisturizing every day by thinking that if the skin pours too much oil, it has enough moisture, or moisturizing will cause the skin to clog. However, these thoughts make the condition of oily skin on the skin more and more serious.

The causes are the oily skin there is still the risk of lack of moisture as usual, especially on hot summer days. Without enough moisture, the skin will tend to stimulate the production of more oil. And of course, this will make pores getting bigger and bigger, more and more dirt clings to it, and the risk of Acne will be higher and higher. (How to guide acne skin care for men safe, effective, trusted by many users today).

Effective oily skin care tips for menMoisturizing for the skin

Note: Please select the lines lotion It has a lightweight, oil-free texture or contains salicylic acid to ensure skin doesn't feel sticky.

6. Don't Skip Sunscreen

Sunscreen It is considered an inseparable item of women in summer days. And it should be the same with men. Because it's not only useful Protect the skin Before the effects of UV rays, sunscreen also has a very effective moisture-locking function. From there, the skin will lose less water and limit excess oil production later.

To use the right sunscreen, you need to choose specialized product lines for oily skin. Because in addition to the sunscreen function, the texture of the cream will ensure that the pores are always open and the oil is also effectively balanced.

Effective oily skin care tips for men at homeUse sunscreen when going out

7. Don't let your skin get too shiny

Don't let your skin be like a pan of oil - ie when the skin feels too shiny, wash your face (with clean water) or use Oil absorbent paper to unclog pores. This "first aid" method not only limits skin congestion but also helps beard color not lose confidence on the face.

However, you should only do these tips about 2-3 times a day. Because if you overdo it, your skin will easily lose its natural moisture layer.

8. Use oil-control masks

Mask considered a step Provides nutrients to the skin indispensable for women. Although not many men have this habit, but for those with oily skin, this is a very good way to balance excess oil.

The mask lines from clay, peat have the ability to detoxify, clean the skin, balance excess oil and tighten pores extremely effectively. Therefore, persistently use these ingredients 2-3 times a week to have healthier and more beautiful skin. (Reveal the secret skin care after squeezing acne recommended by many skin care professionals).

Oily skin care routine at homeUse a mask for oily skin

9. Always drink enough water every day

Drink enough water It will help increase blood circulation, detoxify and Add moisture to the skin. Thanks to that, the skin is healthier, the amount of oil is also effectively balanced. So, always make sure your body is sufficiently hydrated during these summer days.

note, should only use filtered water or fresh juices, tea. Do not drink a lot of soft drinks or alcohol – these drinks are not only unhealthy, but also cause the skin to lose a large amount of vitamins.

How to take care of oily skin for men effectivelyDrink enough water every day

10. Pay attention to your diet

Hot, spicy, fried foods make the skin more oily, especially in the hot weather of summer days. Therefore, if you do not want your skin to be always oily and acne often raging on your face, you should minimize these harmful foods. 

Instead, give priority to healthy eating menus, lots of green vegetables and vegetables to provide the full amount of vitamins needed for the skin, keep the skin healthy and balance the moisture - oil from the inside. .

scientific dietScientific diet

You and oily skin prone to breakouts and harder to take care of on summer days, but just know how to choose Choose the right cosmetics, Skincare Be careful and have a healthy diet to make sure your skin stays healthy and smooth. Hope these skin care tips will help you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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10 Tips To Balance Oily Skin Effectively For Men In Summer Use a specialized facial cleanser
Exfoliate your skin regularly
Don't let your skin get too hot
Do not abuse rose water
Always moisturize your skin every day
Use sunscreen
Do not leave the skin greasy
Use oil control mask
Drink enough water every day
Pay attention to your diet
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