Top 10 Habits to Help You Confidently Let Your Face Look Outer Review

Top 10 Habits to Help You Confidently Let Your Face Go Out

Beautiful drawing of skin is always the first factor that determines the freshness of the face. A healthy and beautiful skin not only helps you "cheat" a few years more, but also makes you always confident whether wearing makeup or bare face. Therefore, to stay beautiful and radiant for a long time, you need to maintain the cycle Skincare right way and diet – healthy living.

This paragraph, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the top 10 skin care routine help you to always be confident even if you have to leave your bare face out.

Habits That Help You Confidently Let Your Face Out

1. Drink a cup of warm lemon honey in the morning

Habits that help you confidently leave your face bare
Drink 1 cup of warm lemon in the morning

Drink warm water in the morning Waking up is always the best way to warm up the body. However, its use will increase many times if you use it with honey and lemon.

A cup of warm lemon honey not only helps the stomach to be activated, but also adds moisture and vitamin C to the skin in the best way. Thanks to that, your skin will be whiter and smoother to see if you do this routine every day.

2. Always moisturize your lips

Always moisturize your lips
Habit of always moisturizing lips

Lips are always the most attractive feature on a woman's face. You can go without makeup, but you can't let "pale" lips lack vitality. Therefore, always balm every day to make sure your lips are always rosy and plump. (Instructions on how to care) skin care after age 30 the most effective is being applied by many people today).

Miss Tram would like to note some effective lip care habits:

  • Regularly exfoliate your lips once a week.
  • Always clean and remove lip makeup at the end of this.
  • Use lip balm or lip balm at least once a day before bed.
  • Limit bad habits such as licking your lips, biting your lips or picking at the dry skin on your lips.

3. Regular facial massage

Regular facial massage standing at a distance
Regular facial massage every day

Facial massage is a must-have skin care routine, especially for women after the age of 25. This skin care step not only enhances blood circulation, stimulates production collagen It also helps nutrients to effectively penetrate deep into the skin. 

Therefore, at least once a day, you need to combine facial massage while applying cream to keep your skin healthy and prevent aging in the best way.

4. Always keep your eyebrows neat

keep your eyebrows neat
The habit of always keeping your eyebrows neat

Although not as important as other parts, a beautiful eyebrow will take your beauty to a new level. 

Therefore, you can experiment with many different eyebrow styles to find the most suitable eyebrow shape. But make sure they're always well-stocked and well-trimmed.

In particular, regularly exfoliate and nourish your eyebrows at least 2 times a week so that your eyebrows are always the thickest.

5. Regular eyelash care daily

regular eyelash care
Should regularly take care of eyelashes

Besides eyebrows, eyelashes also play a very important role on the face, helping the eyes to attract and have more depth. 

To own long and curled eyelashes, you need to nourish your eyelashes daily with specialized serums or natural oils (coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil). For balms, extract them in specialized mascara containers. Because the effect of loading eyelashes with mascara will stimulate hair follicles to grow faster and thicker. 

6. Use a specialized serum for the skin

Use skincare for skin
Use skin-specific serums

Using a skin serum will replenish nutrients and bring back healthy and beautiful skin much faster than just using a cream. However, to use this type of product most effectively, you should use specialized serum lines, suitable for your current skin condition.

On the market, there are many specialized serum lines such as moisturizing, restoring, whitening, anti-aging, melasma, acne treatment, etc. You need to choose the right serum lines that best suit your skin problem. encountered. This will speed up the healing and regeneration process of the skin. (How do French women usually take care of their skin? Let's learn about the secret French women's skin care Hottest today).

7. Use BHA in your skin care routine

BHA (also known as Salicylic Acid) is a widely used ingredient in skin care products because it deep cleans, exfoliates, and promotes cell turnover. Thanks to that, it prevents acne, signs of aging and stimulates skin regeneration effectively.

However, when starting to use BHA, pay attention to choose a low concentration so that the skin has time to adapt. In particular, always protect yourself from the sun carefully to avoid counterproductive effects.

8. Use sunscreen as soon as possible

Always use sunscreen
Habit of using sunscreen every day

Sunscreen is considered as a "tool" against the negative effects of UV rays in the most effective way. Therefore, the sooner you use this cosmetic, the more you will prevent the effects of UV rays and prolong the youthfulness of your skin.

In Korea, children 2-3 years old when starting outdoor activities are already using sunscreen. Therefore, train yourself to use skin protection products now.

9. Use silk pillowcases

Habits that help you confidently leave your face bare
Silk pillowcase is a habit to protect your face

One of the important factors affecting skin health that is sleep. A good night's sleep will support the skin's recovery and regeneration process extremely quickly. Therefore, you need to always make sure your sleep is always on time and enough.

In particular, a tip Protect the skin while sleeping is to use silk pillowcases. Because this material will reduce friction and limit moisture absorption on the skin of the face, thereby protecting the skin in the best way when you sleep. Silk pillowcases also feel softer than other materials, so they also bring you a deeper sleep.

10. Change cosmetics according to skin condition and season

Habits that help you confidently leave your face bare
Should change cosmetics according to the condition of the skin

In order for skin care products to maximize their benefits, you need to choose cosmetic lines that are suitable for your skin condition and especially "weather". 

The reason is because the structure and needs of the skin will change with temperature, humidity or each problem that the skin is facing (such as acne, melasma, dry skin, skin with signs of aging ...). Therefore, if you choose the right cosmetics that meet the needs of the skin, the new nutrients are easily absorbed and maximized. (Research skin care trends Today's HOTTEST is highly appreciated by many spa experts).

If you want to own a smooth, shiny skin without the need for external makeup, then you definitely need a strict skincare routine and a healthy diet. In particular, always be persistent and update the latest knowledge to have the best skin care formulas.

Hope the above sharing will be useful to you. Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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Top 10 Habits to Help You Confidently Let Your Face Go Out Drink hot lemon honey in the morning
Always moisturize your lips
Regular facial massage
Always keep your eyebrows neat
Use skin-specific serums
Use BHA in your skincare routine
Use sunscreen
Use silk pillowcases
Change cosmetics according to skin condition
Take care of your lashes every day
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