10 Scientific Skin Care Habits Not Everyone Knows Sincerity

10 Scientific Skin Care Habits Not Everyone Knows

Skin Care is one of the most essential needs of women. Why? Because when owning a beautiful skin, our sisters will be younger, fresher and especially more confident in themselves. Therefore, you not only need a skincare routine strictly, use these Skin care products suitable, but also to establish a healthy living diet.

In particular, to ensure your "efforts" are highly effective, you need to refer to 10 skin care routine Very scientific later!

Revealing 10 Scientific, Good Skin Care Habits

1. Sunscreen – the modern woman's companion

According to a dermatologist, all efforts to save the skin will be in vain if you deliberately ignore it sunscreen. No matter what environment you are in, how you work, UV rays and radiation are always present around you. Therefore, always make sure to use sunscreen regularly – regularly – fully every day.

Best: You should choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 For daily use, SPF over 50 for outdoor activities and maybe consider choosing SPF 25 on overcast winter days.

Scientific standard skin care steps
Always use sunscreen

2. Simplify the skincare routine when the skin has acne problems

Acne is always an obsession of the skin, making women afraid to appear. However, instead of using bluff treatments, you should minimize skincare routine his current. Because simple skin care steps will help:

  • Limit the ingredients that are not good for acne skin in cosmetics.
  • It is easy to find the cause of acne.
  • Focus on better acne treatment.

You should only focus on the steps clean skin, Moisturize and protect skin during this period. And in particular, give preference to product lines with natural ingredients to ensure that they do not cause skin irritation during this period.

3. Use ice to prevent skin dullness

According to dermatologists, the use of ice after washing your face or after steps Steam not only stimulates blood circulation, tighten pores, but also reduces the process of forming melanin pigment on the skin - preventing skin dullness very effectively.

Not only that, cold ice also brings a feeling of comfort and refreshment to the skin, this is a very good way to start the day in the morning.

The best skin care routine
Use ice to prevent skin dullness

4. Organize makeup tools and cosmetics properly

Keeping the tools make up, where, how and how your cosmetics are arranged has a great influence on the quality of the process. Skincare. Therefore, you need to keep a few important points in mind:

  • Do not store cosmetics, makeup in the bathroom or humid environment.
  • Do not leave cosmetics in places that are too hot or have direct sunlight.
  • Some cosmetic lines (mostly serums, toners, masks) should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent oxidation.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date and mark the opening date to ensure that it is not expired.
  • In particular, you need to clean makeup tools and cosmetic containers regularly to prevent bacteria from growing.

5. Never ignore the neck area

Neck skin area In women, they are quite fragile, so after the age of 30 they will be very wrinkled, less elastic if not cared for properly. Therefore, just "taking advantage" of the skin on the neck (when performing daily skincare for the face) is enough to prevent the signs of aging effectively.

Simple skin care at home
Always take care of the neck skin

6. Always make sure everything that touches your skin is clean

According to dermatologists, anything that touches the skin for more than 3 seconds will also cause the skin to become infected. Therefore, you need to make sure everything you put on your face is clean, especially:

  • Hands: Always wash your hands if you plan to touch your face.
  • Pillowcases: Change pillowcases at least once a week.
  • Makeup brushes and sponges: clean once a week.
  • Phone: regular cleaning every day.
  • Scalp: at least shampoo every 2 days.

In addition, items such as masks and face masks should also be replaced daily to ensure the best anti-dust and anti-bacterial. (Suggesting criteria for evaluation a healthy, beautiful skin recommended by skin care professionals).

7. Don't Exfoliate If You Have Acne

Acne-prone skin often much more sensitive than normal skin, especially the areas pimples. Therefore, when you have large acne such as acne, cystic acne, inflammatory acne, it is best not to exfoliate your skin.

Besides, you should also limit the use of facial cleansers with high detergents or strong impacts on the skin - avoid breaking acne spots. It is best to clean the skin with water or apply a mixture of water and aspirin to the acne to reduce swelling and fight inflammation.

Do not exfoliate when skin has acne
Do not exfoliate when skin has acne

8. Regular facial massage will improve skin significantly

Surely every girl knows the use of this facial massage regularly huh? This skin care step not only stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the skin, but also supports the nutrients from the cream to penetrate into the skin very well.

Therefore, you should take a few minutes after moisturizing to massage your face – if maintained regularly and done correctly, your skin will improve significantly.

Note: Should massage in a spiral direction and from bottom to top, from inside to outside.

9. Don't forget the skin on your hands

Ancient grandparents often recognized a rich or poor woman by the skin of her hands. Because only people who do not work hard, know how to take care of their hands, have soft hands.

Although in modern times, you no longer do heavy work, but when exposed to too much detergent, sunlight and not properly cared for, your hands also become "dry". than the rest of the parts. Therefore, always wear gloves when using detergents and don't forget moisturizerSunscreen for them every day.

proper skin care routine
Moisturizing hand skin

10. Cleansing and moisturizing is always the most important skin care step

Of course, clean skin , and moisturizing Always the most basic and important skin care steps. Because not only helps healthy skin, 2 steps Skincare This key also prevents acne, old , and melasma effective.

Therefore, even if you use more products, know more beauty recipes, you still need to make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed and moisturized twice a day.

The above are the share of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center about the scientific skin care routines you need to follow. Whether you know it or not, hopefully this article will be a reminder again, helping you have a more scientific view in your skincare process. Any suggestions and questions about Miss Tram's articles or services, please quickly comment for the most specific answer. Wish you always have a beautiful healthy skin!

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10 Scientific and Good Skin Care Habits Today Sunscreen
Simplify the skincare routine
Use ice to prevent skin dullness
Arrange makeup tools, cosmetics properly
Always take care of the neck skin
Make sure everything that touches your skin is clean
Do not exfoliate if you have acne
Regular facial massage
Don't forget the hand area
Always clean and moisturize
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