7 Secrets to Fix Dark, Dry Lips Because of Frequent Lipstick Summary

7 Secrets to Fix Dark, Dry Lips Because of Frequent Lipstick

Lipstick is considered one of the inseparable things of girls, because they bring a fresher and more attractive lips to the face. However, many cases of regularly applying lipstick make the lips dull and dry. This makes women more and more dependent on lipstick, and at the same time affects the health of the lips if there is no appropriate care method.

This paragraph Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Please share the secret to overcome dry and dull lips quickly.

7 Ways To Fix Dull, Dry Lips Because Of Frequent Lipstick

1. Exfoliate your lips regularly

How to fix dull lips because of poor quality lipstick
Exfoliate lips with brown sugar

Like facial skin cells, skin cells in the lips also have a process of formation, growth and death. Accompanied by dirt, sebum or lipstick residue, the lips are prone to roughness and dryness if they are not exfoliated regularly.

Job Exfoliating Lips Not only removes the outer layer of dead skin, but also improves lip pigmentation, making the lips rosy and smooth. Thanks to that, the process of lip balm or lipstick is also many times more effective.

You can use specialized lip scrubs, or use recipe lip scrub at home as: brown sugar + honey + coconut oil, coffee grounds + coconut oil... to remove dead skin for the lips most effectively.

2. Always remove makeup

Many women skip the lip makeup remover step and only use a wet towel to clean the outer layer of lipstick. However, this cleaning cannot remove all lipstick, because lipstick residue will remain in the interstitium of the lips, causing the lips to gradually dry and darken. If you do not regularly remove makeup for your lips, dull, chapped lips will easily occur.

So invest in a specialized makeup remover for your lips to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned every day.

3. Regularly moisturize your lips every day

The most effective way to moisturize lips
Moisturizing lips with honey

Moisturizing your lips is a very important thing you need to do every day. Because the skin on the lips is very sensitive and easily affected by negative factors from the outside. They are very susceptible to dehydration, losing moisture if not moisturized regularly.

You should use lip balm at times such as: after removing lip makeup, before lipstick and when not using lipstick so that the lips are provided with the most moisture. see more The secret to moisturizing lips that Miss Tram shared before!

4. Choose quality lipstick, with clear origin

Lipstick quality is very important. Therefore, if using lipstick of unknown ingredients and origin, it not only affects the health of the lips, but also has many potential risks to the body.

In particular, lipsticks containing heavy metals will make the lips quickly darken, dry and even cause cancer, poisoning, and infertility if used for a long time.

Choose the right lipstick
Beautiful lipstick color

Therefore, you need to pay attention to some notes when choosing lipstick:

  • Always check the ingredients, origin, and brand of your lipstick.
  • If your lips are too dry, too sensitive, you should limit the use of lipstick with a matte effect.
  • Depending on the condition of the lips, choose a lipstick line with more or less nourishing ingredients. Avoid greasy, uncomfortable lips.

5. Sunscreen for lips

Lips and eye area are considered the two most sensitive and easily affected parts of the face. Therefore, to prevent negative factors from the environment, you need to take measures to protect and protect these skin areas every time you go out.

However, sunscreen products for the lips are not as many and popular as sunscreen for the face. So the best way is to choose lipsticks / balms / primers with high SPF ingredients.

In addition, you should never forget to wear a mask when going out, because masks can protect your lips from dust and sunlight quite effectively.

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6. Stop bad habits immediately

Bad habits cause dark lips
Limit touching your lips

Bad habits such as biting your lips, licking your lips, using your hands to pry off dead skin layers on your lips, etc. will contribute to making your lips more dry and darker. Therefore, in addition to enhancing lip care and care, you need to immediately stop the habits that have an adverse effect on your lips.

Another point you need to keep in mind is to choose a toothpaste with natural ingredients. Because with sensitive lips, if using a toothpaste with too strong bleach will also make the condition of dry, dark lips worse.

7. Nourish healthy lips from the inside

Just like the skin, the lips want to be healthy and beautiful, they need to be nourished both outside and inside. If you drink enough water, eat a lot of vegetables rich in vitamins, the problems of dry, dark lips are also quickly improved markedly. Therefore, always pay attention to your daily diet, especially adding a lot of the following vitamin groups:

  • Vitamin E: has antioxidant effect, improves lip pigmentation. This vitamin is found in many vegetable oils, almonds, green vegetables, papaya, etc.
  • Vitamin C: help lips fight free radicals from ultraviolet rays, enhance elasticity and prevent aging on lips. This vitamin is abundant in oranges, broccoli, strawberries, papayas, pineapples, .. In addition, Vitamin C also has the ability to help reduce acne very effectively, you can refer to it in the article: Experience When Using Vitamin C to Reduce Acne Extremely Effective
  • Vitamin B: has the effect of preventing aging, treating dark lips and softening lips noticeably. This vitamin is found in cereals, nuts, eggs, milk, butter, etc.

7 Secrets to Fix Dark, Dry Lips Because of Frequent Lipstick Summary

In addition, if you want to quickly improve the condition of dry, dull lips, you can use cosmetic lip tattooing services. Because with modern tattooing technology and techniques, lip tattooing not only gives you rosy, fresh lips but also improves defects such as: dry lips, pale lip lines, uneven lips, too big or too small lips,…

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Miss Tram would like to introduce some of the most suitable lip cosmetic methods for our dry, dull and aging lips:

  • Collagen Crystal Lip Sculpture.
  • Spray Crystal Collagen Lips.
  • Stem cell lip sculpting.
  • Spray the stem cell lips.

These methods will put an amount of collagen/stem cell essence into the lips, helping to regain softness, plumpness and regenerate youthful lips effectively. In addition, these essences also have the effect of increasing moisture and elasticity for the lips.

Dry and dull lips are a common problem for many women, especially those who use lipstick regularly. Therefore, to have smooth and naturally rosy lips, immediately set up a strict daily cleansing and lip balm routine.

Hope the sharing of Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center will be useful to you. Wish you always have a beautiful and attractive healthy lips!

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