What's the Difference in Lip Tattoo Price? Few people know

What's the Difference in Lip Tattoo Price?

Do you have any questions about the difference? price of cosmetic tattoo spray services and specifically Lip tattoo spray are not? And Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center Find out in detail!

What's the Difference in Lip Tattoo Price?

Why do I see that there are hundreds of thousands of lip balms in the countryside, but the price is slightly higher on our side? This is a question that many customers have asked Miss Tram. It is true that the price of lip cosmetic surgery at different establishments is very different. However, "you get what you pay for", when you want to be beautiful, you should care about beauty technology, ink quality as well as the skills of the KTV to own a satisfactory lips for a long time. , instead of being cheap to have to spend time editing many times causing pain, "money lost disability" guys.

Factors affecting the price of lip tattoo spray
Today's beautiful lip tattoo method

To own one beautiful lips and sexy, many people have chosen lip aesthetic. However, the price is an issue many people wonder about. Why the same method where expensive places cheap? Miss Tram VietNam will answer this question with you.

Why is there a difference in the cost of lip aesthetics?

The reason Miss Tram has a slightly higher price than some places is due to the following factors:

1/ Methods of lip aesthetics

beautiful lip tattoo spray method
The most popular lip cosmetic technology

Depends lip aesthetic method use but the price is also different. If using lip tattoo method old, the cost will be quite cheap, the higher the technology like lip spray, the higher the price will be. Of course, the price goes quality, the more modern technology will bring you a The more perfect and natural lips.

Miss Tram uses the most modern lip spray methods today such as crystal lip spray, collagen lip spray, stem cell lip spray, ... guaranteed to bring you the desired lips.

2/ KTV's skills

lip tattoo price difference
High skill level of KTV

The skill of the person holding the needle greatly determines lip spray results. If your KTV skills are high, you will own a lips of the right color, beautiful lips and no swelling or pain after spraying. If you meet a young skilled technician, it may hurt your lips, affect the shape of your lips and may leave scars after spraying.

The KTVs at Miss Tram are all well-trained, have long-term experience and have certain expertise, making sure to use the right technique to create the most satisfactory products for customers.

3/ Ink quality

lip tattoo price difference
Quality tattoo ink, clear origin

Ink quality Not only affects the customer's health but also contributes to deciding whether the lips have a standard color or not. The reason why the lip spray at Miss Tram is beautiful is because it uses high-quality ink, imported from Germany and Korea.

Not only helps to color as desired, this ink is also safe and gives a long color retention time. In the ink is also added stem cell essence and collagen Naturally helps smooth lips and effectively nourishes lips.

4/ Modern facilities

Poor quality facilities can cause many complications for the lips such as lip infection. More dangerous, this can also be the source of many dangerous diseases, including HIV. At Miss Tram, a comfortable lip spray space gives customers maximum comfort.

At the same time, all equipment is properly sterilized, ensuring absolute safety for customers, customers can rest assured when choosing Miss Tram as a "refurbished" place for their beauty. (Share the secret lip spray does not swell for aesthetic KTVs).

5/ Warranty after cosmetic surgery

Modern lip tattoo spray technology
Always committed to post-cosmetic warranty

When choosing a lip cosmetic address, you need to pay attention to after-spray warranty. Because depending on the body of each person, it can lead to some conditions such as lips color deviation or long-lasting lips. Then, the warranty after spraying will help you solve this problem.

At Miss Tram, the warranty after spraying is very focused. In addition to thorough post-spray care instructions, Miss Tram also has a prestigious warranty, committed to giving customers the most perfect lips.

Expensive or cheap, which is better?

beautiful lip tattoo results
Result photo after 1 month of customer's lip spray

Surely after reading the above shares of Miss Tram, you have your own answer. Choosing a cheap lip spray facility with poor quality, old, hard lips and full of risks such as lip damage, dangerous diseases, etc. Compared to choosing a high-priced but prestigious facility trust, safe as Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center to bring beautiful lips and help nourish healthy lips from the inside. Which one do you choose? The result depends on your selection. (The diet after tattooing is of great interest to many people. Therefore, Miss Tram helps you better understand with the article. What to eat?? here it is).

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What's the Difference in Lip Tattoo Price? Lip aesthetic method
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Warranty after cosmetic
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