Miss Tram – 15+ Years of Sowing Beauty


Passion, knowledge and ethics help us to continually grow and give away the best things.

Over the past 15 years, Miss Tram - Natural Beauty Center always upholds the motto of operation is to bring natural beauty, harmony and absolute satisfaction to its customers. To do that, Miss Tram Beauty Center has invested in spacious facilities, equipment and machines that meet the strict standards of the Ministry of Health. Not only that, Miss Tram also gathers a team of estheticians who are formally trained, regularly practice in many advanced countries such as Korea, Japan, USA, Germany, etc.

With a team of professional care staff, dedicated and knowledgeable.

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Beautify others.
Empowering individual confidence.
Develop a sustainable development organization for the community.

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High-tech beauty at Miss Tram clinic

“They Will Stare At You, Make Them Satisfied” – Harry Winston​